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MECA Panel members confirmed

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Media Release                                                         13 April 2018



Announcement of independent DHB MECA panel members

Following yesterday’s announcement that an independent panel is being engaged to assist in resolving the impasse in the DHB NZNO Multi Employer Collective Agreement bargaining, both parties can now confirm the appointments to the Independent Panel.

The panel is comprised of three independent members: An independent chair appointed by the government, one member proposed by the DHBs and one member proposed by NZNO. 

Both parties welcome the appointment of the chair, Professor Margaret Wilson.

“Professor Margaret Wilson represents balance for the parties as we negotiate terms and conditions for 27,000 members of the health workforce,” says Memo Musa, Chief Executive of NZNO and Dr Ashley Bloomfield, Chair of the DHBs’ Employment Relations Strategy Group.


The panel member nominated by the DHBs is Julie Patterson who has a strong background in DHB leadership. The panel member nominated by NZNO is Geoff Annals, a former NZNO chief executive.   

The panel will meet next week. After its first meeting and during the next four weeks the Panel will receive submissions from each party on various matters requiring further negotiation in order to reach an agreement on an updated offer that NZNO can present to its members.

The independent panel process involves:

  • Both NZNO and the DHBs (the Parties) making individual submissions to the Panel. The submissions will be written and oral - to support the respective claims, offers and settlements put forward in the bargaining process and other issues raised.
  • The panel will then deliberate and come back to the Parties with draft recommendations.
  • The parties can then submit further submissions to the Panel.
  • The final recommendations from the panel will be provided to each party and the Government by mid-May.
  • The DHBs will then make an updated offer to NZNO.




DHB Contact

Mick Prior, General Manager – Strategic Workforce Services

M: 027 691 4999   


NZNO Contact

Media Adviser Karen Coltman: 027 431 2617.


Professor Margaret Wilson – Professor Wilson has worked in both private legal practice and has had an extensive career in public service, including as a Director of the Reserve Bank, Speaker of the House and as a Minister of the Crown. She has also served as the founding Dean of Waikato Law School and as New Zealand Law Commissioner.

Geoff Annals – Geoff is currently the chief executive of Accuro Health Insurance. Formerly the chief executive of the NZNO, Geoff was involved in the nursing fair pay resolution in 2004, and in the establishment of the Safe Staffing Healthy Workplace Unit.  Geoff has worked as a registered nurse, and has a good understanding of the wider health system.

Julie Patterson - Julie is the former Chief Executive Officer of Whanganui DHB. She is a qualified nurse (RGON) and has extensive experience in clinical leadership and senior management roles in the health sector.  Julie has taken a lead role in the Safe Staffing Healthy Workplace governance group, and the Health Sector Relationship Agreement, and has worked closely with the NZNO in both of these initiatives.


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