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DHB offer release unhelpful


Media Release                                                  29 May 2018

DHB offer release unhelpful

A large number of NZNO District Health Board (DHB) members are distressed and disappointed that the DHB revised multi-employer collective agreement offer was released to the public before it was presented formally to them as expected.

Cee Payne, Industrial Services Manager reports that many nurses have voiced their concern via social media and have contacted NZNO about this approach to the third offer. She says she is disappointed at this DHB approach to the offer.

“At present we are experiencing the fallout of the way the information about the revised offer was released. This may jeopardise NZNO’s DHB negotiating team’s ability to discuss the revised offer with DHB members in a constructive manner,” she said.

“We are alarmed that some of the numbers released yesterday, and in particular the $93,000 salary, are hypothetical and ‘best case’ scenarios, which can only occur many, many months down into the term of the agreement.

“The hypothetical $93,000 came from an example of a nurse working full time, with some overtime and significant weekend and night work. The reality is that the majority of nurses in this bracket are not full time and not working rostered shifts on top of this.

“We do not think it was helpful or fair to present to the public, via the media, pay scale examples that have the potential to obscure the actual pay increases for our members. Most of our members report these numbers are entirely misleading compared to their rostered hours.

“We would also observe the PDRP “expert” additional allowance factored into the hypothetical situation is not received by many of the members.

NZNO is navigating its way through this revised offer, with evidence and sound evaluation. We will be supporting our members to understand the revised offer on this basis. NZNO will present their assessment and the offer to members on Thursday,” Cee Payne said.


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