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NZNO's role in a pandemic situation


What is NZNO's role in a pandemic situation?


NZNO is committed to supporting members in their professional and industrial endeavours. As such, NZNO’s role in a pandemic is to:

  • Provide NZNO members with access to the latest information associated with a pandemic or disaster
  • Support nurses, midwives and other health care workers in preparing for a pandemic or disaster
  • Work with agencies including the Ministry of Health to ensure systems and processes are in place to support and protect NZNO members and other workers in health
  • Support agencies including local district health boards in preparing for a pandemic
  • Support nurses, midwives and agencies during the recovery phase
  • Support NZNO members with industrial and professional support where employment issues arise.

NZNO has a published guideline: Obligations in a pandemic or disaster that sets out both employer and employee responsibilities during a pandemic.

See also the NZNO media release: Employer and employee rights and obligations during a pandemic, 7 February 2020.

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