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Provision of healthcare not a popularity contest

22 October 2013:

The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) says that the provision of high quality healthcare relies on sustainable funding and adequate staffing – not “hotel-style” patient ratings. NZNO members are always looking for ways to improve and enhance the care their patients receive. We do not believe this is the way to measure quality healthcare.

NZNO industrial adviser Lesley Harry says there are several issues with the Health Quality and Safety Commission’s new hospital ratings plan, “If our members are working in a situation where they are pressured, where there is inadequate staffing and inadequate resources, they are less likely to be able to provide the level of care the nursing team wants to provide. Systemic failures should not result in individual staff being targeted. "
“Similarly, a smiley nurse or friendly doctor doesn’t necessarily equate with excellent care.”
“NZNO is unsure what will be done with the information and how it will be used. The money spent capturing, administering and analysing hotel-style ratings may be better spent on resourcing sufficient staffing levels and professional development.”
“In New Zealand patients can report concerns about inadequate treatment or care provision to the Health and Disability Commissioner as well as to the respective provider through their complaints process; let’s not reinvent the wheel.”
“Hospital services are far too complex to be ranked in the same way as the hospitality industry,” Lesley Harry says.


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