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Caregivers take another step towards equal pay

20 October 2015

Caregivers and nurses around the country welcome the opportunity to negotiate with the Government for better pay for caregivers and support workers. 

Caregiver Marita Ansin-Johnson says, “If this works, it will make such a difference for me. I’ll be able to put more food on the table for my family – and not just more, but better food.”
“I never thought this would happen in my lifetime! I have spent so many years looking after my residents. It feels amazing to think that, finally, I might be paid what I am worth.”
“I feel like asking John Key why it’s taken until now for him to acknowledge we are equal.”
NZNO industrial services manager, Cee Payne says, “It’s time for equal pay to be extended to women workers in Aotearoa and we are pleased our Government also agrees that caregivers and support workers should be paid fairly.”
“We know the people of New Zealand understand the significant difference caregiver’s work makes towards supporting our older family members who require care in rest homes and hospitals.” 
“Attending to older family member’s physical comfort and emotional needs with sensitivity, compassion and commitment every day is important work and the pay for the people who undertake this work should reflect the skills required to do the work.”
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