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TPPA a bad move for New Zealand

3 February 2016

For several years New Zealand nurses and many other national and international nursing experts have been pointing out the risks to our health system posed by the Trans Pacific Partnership.

“It now appears that our current government has not heeded our concerns. They have disregarded the evidence and chosen to put greedy big businesses ahead of New Zealand’s health and well-being,” says New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) president Grant Brookes.
“We believe it is a big mistake for John Key to sign the TPPA. It is a hugely unpopular move and most New Zealanders know there is nothing in it for them.”
“Luckily for us, signing the TPPA document is not the final step. Once it’s signed, it still needs to be ratified and we have a chance to stop it then.”
NZNO kaiwhakahare Kerri Nuku says “Nurses believe that the current government will have to listen to the concerns of the nation. The New Zealand Nurses Organisation is 47,000 strong! And we are joined in our opposition to the TPPA by hundreds of thousands of other public servants, union members and health professionals. And all of us are being joined every day by our families, communities, whānau, hapū and iwi.”
“Health must come before the TPPA, and so must democracy, sovereignty, social policy, New Zealand businesses and the egalitarian values New Zealanders hold dear.”
“It’s not too late. John Key, don’t sign the TPPA.”

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