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Celebrating Caregivers Week

20 March 2016

Caregivers all around the country will celebrate Caregivers Week from 21 – 27 March. Events are being held in resthomes, community halls and parks during the week.

NZNO president, Grant Brookes has a personal message for caregivers, “I hear so many stories of caregivers being undervalued and treated unfairly by the powers that be. But what you give of yourself at work is precious. And for that, you are treasured by residents, by families and by me. The goal must be a world where every week is Caregivers Week.”
NZNO industrial adviser for the aged care sector, David Wait says, “Caregivers are closer than ever to achieving equal pay. Kristine Bartlett and her union E tū won their historic court case, opening the way for negotiations between unions, aged care providers and the Government to negotiate an equal pay rate.”
“Caregivers are at the heart of this work and it is caregivers who will decide whether to accept the negotiated rate. The negotiations will succeed if caregivers and everyone in our community stands together to make sure the Government puts enough money on the table to ensure the pay rates reflect the true skill and expertise of caregivers. The Government needs to go all the way to equal pay.”
“Whatever the outcome and whatever the rate for equal pay – caregivers are awesome! We will celebrate them for their care, loyalty and tenacity. Thank you caregivers!”

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