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Widened prescribing rights for nurses starts today

20 September 2016

Patients will gain from the new no-fuss prescribing nurses.

From today suitably qualified nurses can prescribe medicines for straightforward medical conditions.

Welcoming the move, New Zealand Nurses Organisation CE Memo Musa says this legislation backs up what nurses already know, that is, New Zealanders trust nurses and nurses are comfortable prescribing and administering medication.

“I congratulate the Government for bringing about this change. Today is a great day for New Zealanders, it is a modern step that will help build confidence in the partnership of doctors and nurses, and result in a better service for patients,” Memo Musa said.

New Zealand’s Nursing Council is responsible for ensuring nurses have met the required education and competence standards before they can become designated prescribers.

“NZNO fed into the Nursing Council consultation and we are pleased it is ready to train nurses wanting to add this string to their bow. I think New Zealanders will see a real step-change in service at their PHO and in primary care generally,” he said.

“It is encouraging for nurses to see the healthcare model changing to meet their patients’ needs better. This widened ability will also benefit poorer families, working families and those who live in rural areas, as it is a more efficient way to get access to basic medicines,”

“We also welcome the alteration in August to regulations for standing orders that cover medicines so nurse practitioners without prescribing rights are enabled to improve access to medicines in places such as family planning clinics, primary care and aged care facilities,” Memo Musa said.


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