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Nurses support Fairness at Work

The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) is holding paid union meeting in district health boards (DHBs) right around the country to support national Fairness at Work actions happening today.

“It’s often difficult for nurses to attend rallies and events during work hours due to the nature of their work, so NZNO is holding meetings in workplaces to discuss the Government’s proposed employment law changes and other issues of importance to nurses and health care workers, “ NZNO president Nano Tunnicliff says.

“Nurses and other health care workers are committed to providing the best possible care for patients and don’t want to see any erosion of work rights that would make it harder to provide safe and quality care.”

“The Government’s proposed changes to workplace law are unworkable, unnecessary and unfair. NZNO will continue to campaign against these attacks on workers. We want fairness at work, now and for future generations.” Nano Tunnicliff says.

Over two thousand nurses will attend the DHB meetings today.


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