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Service for members during the NZNO Christmas/new year period

For urgent assistance

  • Call the member support centre on 0800 28 38 48, then press 1 and leave a message.
  • Your call will be returned to establish the nature of the support you need.

There will be no service for the period 24 December to 3 January but messages will be responded to soon after.

From 4 January, there will be some staff on call and available to support you for urgent matters.

Your call will be returned by one of the on call staff members.

For non-urgent, pay or membership subscription issues

  • Call the member support centre on 0800 28 38 48, then press 2 and leave a message.
  • Staff will clear non-urgent messages during the holiday period, however depending on the nature of your enquiry a response may not be provided until our offices re-open.

How to determine whether an enquiry is urgent or not

A matter is urgent;

IF the incident is regarding serious misconduct or patient harm and/or involves: Police, Coroner, Nursing Council, Midwifery Council, Health and Disability commissioner, witness in court; and

the meeting/action required is before NZNO offices re-open on Monday 16 January 2017; and

the member or their delegate cannot delay the requested meeting/action required until after NZNO offices re-open


if the matter is regarding an unavoidable situation that could affect the member's practice or safety e.g. ongoing boundaries issue, unsafe work situation or unsafe employer instruction.


Direct Media Enquiries To:

Please send all media requests in writing to

NZNO communications and media advisors are:

Samesh Mohanlall
021 240 3420  |  04 494 6839

Karen Howarth
027 725 2680  |  04 494 8242


Support and member enquiries: 0800 28 38 48 or