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Agreement at Ranfurly War Veterans Home

10 September 2013:

Ranfurly Care Ltd and the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) are pleased to announce that they have reached settlement on terms and conditions for all aged care staff working at the rest home and hospital.

The agreement includes holding the wage rates for between one and two years for all health care assistants who undertake training for national qualifications, who will then receive an increase on attainment, while also protecting the pay rates for those already holding qualifications.

Some allowances and conditions have also been reduced or removed, with a compensation payment to be made to qualifying employees for those changes.

Ranfurly Village Hospital Limited, the operator of the new aged care facility opening next month, has agreed to adopt all terms and conditions of the settlement reached by Ranfurly Care Ltd and NZNO.

NZNO and Ranfurly Village Hospital Limited look forward to working together toward a common goal of safe and outstanding care for residents by a high quality, skilled and valued workforce.

The parties have agreed that this statement is the only comment either party will make on the new collective employment agreement.

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