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Nurses support Lets PLAN for better care initiative

5 November 2014

Nurses and other health professionals are welcoming the Health Quality & Safety Commission “Let’s PLAN for better care” initiative, aimed at improving health literacy. 

PLAN stands for: ‘P = Prepare for your visit; L = Listen and share; A = Ask questions; N = Note down what you need to do next.’
NZNO professional nursing adviser Angela Clark says, “Our members can see the benefit of an initiative like this in all sectors of the health system, especially for Māori, Pacific and migrant communities, who are more likely to have unmet health needs than other groups. There are many reasons why people don’t get the health care they need when they need it, and low levels of health literacy are a major reason.”
“There is strong international evidence linking a person’s level of health literacy with their health status. When people are involved in their own health care and understand what’s happening they are less likely to be hospitalised, less likely to have to go to an Emergency Department and more likely to interpret health labels and health messages correctly.”
“Involving patients in the assessment and planning of their own healthcare significantly improves the quality of health care they receive and their feeling of satisfaction and empowerment. Raising health literacy levels is a win-win solution for New Zealanders, nurses and other health professionals.”


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