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Nurses not responsible for the state of the health system

27 August 2015

Any suggestion by DHBs or any other party that nurses’ modest pay increases are the cause of budgetary difficulties are entirely unreasonable says the New Zealand Nurses Organisation.

NZNO industrial adviser for the DHB sector, Lesley Harry says, “We are very disappointed that the DHBs have used the opportunity of our settling a pay deal to imply our members are taking from the ill to line their own pockets.”
“DHBs well know where their financial restraints are coming from – and it’s not their hardworking, loyal and valuable staff. The decision to year upon year underfund the health sector lies squarely at the door of government. It is disingenuous of the DHBs to suggest otherwise.”
“Nursing staff already prop up DHB budgets to the tune of tens of millions of dollars a year in unpaid overtime and breaks not taken. It is cynical to suggest that nurses should now work with DHBs to “manage” their financial difficulties.”

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