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A safer climate means better health for everyone

27 November 2015

New Zealand Nurses Organisation members will be among thousands marching in 34 locations around the country this weekend, for a safer climate and better health outcomes.

NZNO President Grant Brookes says that the people’s climate march is an opportunity for improving New Zealander’s health and quality of life. "The World Health Organisation has said that climate change is the greatest threat to human health this century, with increased risk from war, famine and infectious disease. But we can act now and actually improve everyone’s health."
"Most people realise that things that protect us from climate change are also sensible measures they all want. Safe places to walk and cycle, healthy local food, more leisure time and well-built, warm houses are good for both people and the planet."
"Climate change might be scary but the solutions aren’t. If Climate Change Minister Tim Groser prioritises urgent action, we could have a better quality of life. Nurses understand this, because we educate our patients to make lifestyle changes every day!
"Now I’m asking for our Government to make better lives possible for our whole country. Everyone deserves a safe and healthy future in the country we love."

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