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Issue 8 - 21 March 2012

Books held by the NZNO Library

These books can be borrowed by staff and members for a period of 4 weeks.

1/ Closing the gap in a generation: Health equity through action on the social determinants of health
World Health Organization. Published 2008
In the spirit of social justice, the Commission on Social Determinants of Health was set up by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2005 to marshal the evidence on what can be done to promote health equity, and to foster a global movement to achieve it.

2/ Ethics for health care [3rd edition]
By Catherine Berglund
Oxford University Press, Published 2007
This book considers ethics in the context of routine health care. Focusing on the interaction between the health provider and client, it draws on practical experience and contemporary issues in its exploration of the ethical choices that must be made in health care. 
Table of Contents:
1. Caring as Professionals
2. Caring as Service Provision
3. Enter the Patient
4. The Client and Carer Relationship
5. When the Patient is Young, Old or Incapacitated
6. At the Beginning and End of Life
7. Caring in an Institutional and Social Context
8. Monitoring and Education
9. And So To Research
10. Ethics Theories

3/ Medical Ethics [3rd edition]
By Alastair Campbell; Grant Gillett & Gareth Jones
Oxford University Press, Published 2001
Medical Ethics is a practical introduction to the ethical questions that doctors and other health professionals are likely to encounter during their working lives. This book incorporates chapters on organ transplantation (including xenotransplantation and stem cells), and innovative and unorthodox treatments; it also features on autopsies, brain death, cloning, and the human genome project.

4. The 7 habits of highly effective people: Powerful lessons in personal change
By Stephen Covey.
In this book Stephen Covey presents a holistic integrated principle-centered approach for solving personal and professional problems.

Articles - Journal of Family Practice

5. A 2012 health care wish list
By Susman, Jeff. Journal of Family Practice, Jan 2012, Vol. 61 Issue 1: p8
The article presents the author's top 10 health care wish lists for the U.S. in 2012 which include the integration of primary and mental health care, replacement of patient satisfaction surveys, and stopping the medical education crisis.

6. Zinc for colds? Yes, but don't swallow whole!
By Eby, George; Rao, Goutham & Rowland, Kate. Journal of Family Practice, Jan 2012, Vol. 61 Issue 1: p9
A response by Goutham Rao and Kate Rowland to a letter to the editor about their article "Zinc for the common cold--not if, but when" in the December 2011 issue is presented..
7. Accountable care organizations: HMOs by another name?
By Weil, Thomas P. Journal of Family Practice, Jan 2012, Vol. 61 Issue 1: p10
A letter to the editor is presented on the modifications to the proposed accountable care organizations (ACOs) model in the U.S.

8. Shoulder pain: 3 cases to test your diagnostic skills
By Shah, Nilesh; Bartsokas, Tom & Wagner, Ryan. Journal of Family Practice, Jan 2012, Vol. 61 Issue 1: p16-22
The article presents three case studies pertaining to shoulder pain diagnosis. It discusses the diagnosis of the causes of shoulder pain including subacromial bursitis, multidirectional instability with recurrent subluxations and probable acute rotator cuff tendinitis, and rotator cuff tear. In addition, treatment focused on physical therapy with a concentration on scapular stabilization and rotator cuff strengthening..

9. Exercise-induced proteinuria?
By Saeed, Fahad; Pavan, Pardha Naga; Devaki, Kumar; Mahendrakar, Lokesh & Holley, Jean L. Journal of Family Practice, Jan 2012, Vol. 61 Issue 1: p23-26
The article discusses the diagnosis of exercise-induced proteinuria which occurs most often among athletes participating in such sports as running, swimming, rowing, football or boxing. It provides a detailed account on how to manage suspected exercise-induced proteinuria. It also highlights the basics of what to look for when exercise is a factor of the medical condition..

10. Genetic blood disorders: Questions you need to ask
By Starr, S. Paul. Journal of Family Practice, Jan 2012, Vol. 61 Issue 1: p30-37
: The article provides an overview on the principles of inherited blood disorders and other genetic diseases. It discusses the inheritance and clinical presentation of sickle cell disease, thalassemia, porphyria and hemochromatosis. It also highlights the respective testing and treatment and follow-up studies of these medical conditions..

11. HPV vaccine is now routinely indicated for males
By Campos-Outcalt, Doug. Journal of Family Practice, Jan 2012, Vol. 61 Issue 1: p38-40
: The article reports on the recommendation that human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines be given to all males ages 11 to 21 and to men ages 22 to 26 who have sex with men or who are HIV positive. It reveals that the recommendation takes into account evidence demonstrating that the vaccine prevents anal intraepithelial neoplasia (AIN) in males, in addition to genital warts. It also highlights the effectiveness of HPV vaccines..

12. Asymptomatic crusted lesions on the palms
By Fang-Yih Liaw; Ching-Fu Huang; Wen-Hui Fang & We-Ming Wang. Journal of Family Practice, Jan 2012, Vol. 61 Issue 1: p43-46
The article discusses the diagnosis and treatment of an 86-year-old woman with Norwegian scabies and urosepsis. It reveals that the application of a mixture of keratolytic agents on the hyperkeratotic areas might help the topical medication gain access to the target areas. In addition, prophylactic treatment with a topical scabicidal agent may be recommended for an entire institution or visitors and family members in order to prevent endemic outbreaks..

13. National Family Medicine Board review Course
Journal of Family Practice, Jan 2012, Vol. 61 Issue 1: p48-49
The article offers information on the National Family Medicine Board Review course, a boot camp in the factual database of family medicine which was developed by the Department of Family Medicine at the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

14. Q / Does ultrasound screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm reduce mortality?
By Miranda-Usua, Yamil; Whitworth, James D.; Tillett, Janine; Paulson & Christopher P. Journal of Family Practice, Jan 2012, Vol. 61 Issue 1, p51-60
The article provides an answer to a question regarding the effectiveness of ultrasound screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) in mortality reduction..

Journals - Table of Contents

15. From Australasian Emergency Nursing Journal, Volume 15,
Number 1, 2012
Prospective validation of a predictive model that identifies homeless people at risk of re-presentation to the emergency department
By Gaye Moore, Graham Hepworth, Tracey Weiland, Elizabeth Manias, Marie Frances Gerdtz, Margaret Kelaher & David Dunt
15B. Can a four-hour interactive workshop on the management of dental emergencies be effective in improving self reported levels of clinician proficiency?
By Tony Skapetis, Tania Gerzina & Wendy Hu.
15C. Characteristics of effective interventions supporting quality pain management in Australian emergency departments: An exploratory study
By Ramon Z. Shaban, Kerri Holzhauser, Kerri Gillespie, Sue Huckson & Scott Bennetts.
15D. Testing the effects of educational toilet posters: A novel way of reducing haemolysis of blood samples within ED
By David Corkill.
15E. Opportunistic childhood vaccinations in emergency—Are we really missing anyone?
By Ingrid Berling, Jody Stephenson, Patrick Cashman, Conrad Loten, Michelle Butler & David Durrheim.
Practice Development
Traumatic injury in Australia and New Zealand
By Kate Curtis, Erica Caldwell, Andrea Delprado & Belinda Munroe.
Discussion and Debate
. Lung cancer in the emergency department
By Andrew D. Harding, Catherine C. Simmons.


16. mHealth Symposium
HIMSS Europe will be organising a one day pre-conference symposium on the first day of the conference (Monday). Content will be focused on existing mhealth solutions with a view on success stories and challenges.The content is designed to give you the knowledge, and demonstrate concrete practical examples of mHealth technologies that are transforming healthcare through IT.
Date:  Monday 7 May, 2012
More information:

17. eHealth Week
: 7-9 May 2012
Venue: Copenhagen, Denmark
More information:

18. 3rd annual South GP CME meeting, with the NZMA
Edgar Centre, Dunedin
Date: 16-19 August 2012
More information:

News - National

19. Search for non-union wharfies is delayed
NZ Herald - 20 Mar 2012

Efforts to recruit a replacement workforce for Auckland's strike-ridden port have been delayed for at least two more days by a legal challenge from the Maritime Union. So have other moves by the council-owned port company to make 235 striking union members redundant, to be replaced by employees of up to three new stevedoring operators

20. New central-city birth unit would relieve pressure
The Press - 20 March 2012

A central-city primary maternity facility may be built to deliver "appropriate" birth care and reduce "unsustainable" demand on Christchurch Women's Hospital (CWH). The proposed facility is part of a maternity services overhaul in Canterbury that would also see the hospital re-established as a secondary hospital and guidelines established to help support women and their lead maternity carer to decide whether a primary or a secondary facility is most appropriate.

21. New group will help consumers in fight against scams
Chris Tremain - 19 March, 2012

Consumer Affairs Minister Chris Tremain says a new cross-agency group will help to raise awareness of scams so that people can protect themselves from being misled. “Today marks the beginning of Fraud Awareness Week, so this is a timely occasion to highlight the importance of vigilance in the fight against scams,” says Mr Tremain.

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