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Issue 107 - 26 August 2009

Articles 1. Editorial: This might hurt ... a reflection on pain management in the 21st century by Haigh, Carol. Journal of Clinical Nursing, Aug 2008, Vol 17 Issue 15: p1961-1962 Abstract: The author reflects on pain management in the 21st century in Great Britain. She suspects that pain...

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Issue 106 - 18 August 2009

Come and hear Suzanne Gordon at the NZNO Centennial Conference..... She was impressive at the National Nurses Day (see ref below). To request a copy of this article, please quote "Ref LaBelle". LaBelle, Gordon wow crowd during National Nurses Day event. Massachusetts Nurse, May2008, Vol. 79...

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Issue 105 - 14 August 2009

Did you know that Hester Maclean's 1932 book entitled "Nursing in New Zealand: History and Reminiscences" is available on the web. Source: New Zealand Electronic Text Centre Click on the link below for a summary of Nursing History and Legislation in New Zealand. ...

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Issue 104 - 6 August 2009

Articles JOURNAL: HEALTH & SOCIAL WORK 1. Health Care Reform: The Importance of a Public Option by Gorin, Stephen H. Health & Social Work, May 2009, Vol 34 Issue 2: p83-85 Abstract: The article presents an editorial on the importance of a public plan option in health care reform in the...

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