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Issue 6 Library e-newsletter 23 Feb 2018

Articles - MRSA 1. Evidence summaries: Antibiotic therapy for managing MRSA in nonsurgical wounds Khalil, Hanan Australian Pharmacist, Vol. 33, No. 1, Jan 2014: 39 Methicillin resistant infections are a marker of penicillin’s resistance to beta-Lactam antibiotics. Abstract: MRSA infections...

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Issue 5 Library e-newletter - 16 February 2018

Articles – Urology Times, Jan 2018 1. The switch to OTC: Are urologic drugs next? Dmochowski, Roger Urology Times; Jan 2018; v.46. n.1, 11-13 Abstract: An interview with urology and gynecology professor Dr. Roger Dmochowski on the pros and cons of over-the-counter (OTC) medications in...

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Issue 4 Library e-newsletter - 7 Feb 2018

Articles – Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Winter 2017 1. On Stigma & Health. Goldberg, Daniel S. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Winter 2017; 45(4): 475-483. 9p Abstract: Stigma is corrosive. It is capable of causing intense psychosocial harm. Even after controlling for every...

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Issue 3 Library e-newsletter - 2 Feb 2018

Articles – Nursing Standard, January 2018 1. Symptom management in women undergoing the menopause Nicola Noble Nursing Standard, Vol. 32, Issue 22, 24 January 2018: 53-63 Abstract: This article outlines the symptoms of the menopause and the available treatments for these, including...

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