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Issue 7 Library e-newsletter: 6 Mar 2017

Are you a budding writer?

Submit an article to the co-editors of Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand ( 
The best nurse writers published in Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand (KTNNZ) this year will be up for prize money totalling $750. The writer of the winning article will receive $500, and the runner-up $250.

Articles – Nursing Management, February 2017 [RCN Journal]

1. Using the Gold Standards Framework to deliver good end of life care
Barry Quinn Assistant director of nursing. Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, England
Keri Thomas National clinical lead. Gold Standards Framework Centre in End of Life Care, West Midlands, England
Nursing Management, February 2017 23(10), 20-25

Abstract: The aims of excellent end of life care (EOLC) and nursing are at the heart of healthcare. Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, a multi-site London teaching care provider, recognises and values the importance of good EOLC, and the quality of EOLC is used as one of the key metrics in assessing the quality of patient and family care across the trust.

 2. 6Cs and ten commitments: nurses’ understanding and use of courage
Fiona Barchard , Judith Sixsmith , Sarah Neill , Clency Meurier
Nursing Management, February 2017 23(10).
: This article reports the initial findings of a study that explored nurses’ understanding of courage, in the context of the 6Cs and the Leading Change, Adding Value framework. The aim was to explore how nurses’ understanding of courage can inform future practice, thus enabling preparation and support for nurses’ use of courage in practice settings, and to enhance understanding of their use of it in everyday professional practice

3. What nursing students reveal about and learn from mentors when using stories of clinical practice
Sharon Edwards
Nursing Management. February 2017 23(10
: This article considers findings from a narrative research analysis that illustrate what nursing students can reveal about being mentored through their stories of clinical practice experience. The aim is to advocate the use of stories as tools to assist mentors in their roles, and to express to them students’ concerns, sensitivities and priorities about clinical placement experiences

Articles –  Nursing Older People , February 2017 [RCN Journal]

4. How care homes are being short-changed
Nick Evans
Nursing Older People, February 2017. 29(2): 8-9
: In England, four in ten care home residents pay the full cost of their care. But new research from analysts LaingBuisson suggests they may also be paying for the care of those who get help from the state.

5. What approach should I take if I think an older person is lonely?
Vicki Leah
Nursing Older People, February 2017. 29(2):18-18
: The normal human emotion of loneliness is a sign of wanting contact with people and it is known that prolonged exposure to loneliness can have a devastating effect on a person’s well-being

6. Causes, assessment and treatment of malnutrition in older people
Helen Willis
Nursing Older People. February 2017, 29(2): 20-25
: Malnutrition is a growing problem in the UK with as many as 14% of people aged over 65 at risk. It is of particular concern in care homes where more than one third of residents are undernourished. Weight loss is not the only symptom of malnourishment and nurses should examine any changes to a person’s health and well-being to identify causes

7. Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections in older people
Alison Bardsley
Nursing Older People. February 2017, 29(2): 32-38
: Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common in older people, with the prevalence increasing with age in both sexes. UTI is a frequent reason for emergency admission to hospital. There are many conditions that contribute to older people being more at risk of UTI and the main preventive strategy is to avoid the use of indwelling urethral catheters

Articles - Nursing Standard, March 2017

8. Digital tool for better diabetes care
Jennifer Trueland Freelance health writer.
Nursing Standard. March 2017, 31(27): 22-23
: The ‘information prescription’ tool, developed by Diabetes UK, alerts nurses to key patient details during consultations, making it easier to provide tailor-made care

9. Setting the bar high
Alison Whyte
Nursing Standard. March 2017, 31(27): 24-26
: As part of Nursing Standard’s series celebrating modern nursing roles in the UK, three nurses in Wales explain their commitment to do more for their patients

Articles – E-cigarettes

10. E-cigarette nicotine delivery: Data and learnings from pharmacokinetic studies
Fearon, Ian M.; Eldridge, Alison; Gale, Nathan; Shepperd, Christopher J.; McEwan, Mike; Camacho, Oscar M.; Nides, Mitch; McAdam, Kevin; Proctor, Christopher J.
American Journal of Health Behavior, Jan/Feb2017; 41(1): 16-32. 17p
: E-cigarettes could potentially play a major role in tobacco harm reduction by delivering nicotine in a vaporcontaining significantly fewer toxicants than cigarette smoke and may aid smoking behavior changes such as reduction or cessation. Methods: We examined blood nicotine levels in smokers who were non-accustomed to e-cigarette use (Study 1) and accustomed e-cigarette users (Study 2).

11. Lost in e-cigarette clouds: A culture on the rise 
Jarmul, Stephanie; Aherrera, Angela; Rule, Ana M.; Olmedo, Pablo; Rui Chen; Navas-Acien, Ana
American Journal of Public Health, Feb 2017; 107(2): 265-266. 2p
: A new trend in nicotine addiction is arising in the United States and across the globe. With the invention of electronic cigarette devices, former and even never smokers are now able to get a nicotine fi x without the irritating eff ects and social stigma of cigarette smoke. However, the health implications of e-cigarettes and the impact of e-cigarette emissions are still unclear.

12. E-cigarettes: The science behind the smoke and mirrors 
Cobb, Nathan K.; Sonti, Rajiv
Respiratory Care, Aug 2016; 61(8): 1122-1128. 7p.
: E-cigarettes are a diverse set of devices that are designed for pulmonary delivery of nicotine through an aerosol, usually consisting of propylene glycol, nicotine, and flavorings. The devices heat the nicotine solution using a battery-powered circuit and deliver the resulting vapor into the proximal airways and lung. Although the current devices on the market appear to be safer than smoking combusted tobacco, they have their own inherent risks, which remain poorly characterized due to widespread product variability.

13. Flavoring chemicals in E-cigarettes: Diacetyl, 2,3-pentanedione, and acetoin in a smaple of 51 products, including fruit, candy and cocktail-flavored e-cigarettes 
Allen, Joseph G.; Flanigan, Skye S.; LeBlanc, Mallory; Vallarino, Jose; MacNaughton, Piers; Stewart, James H.; Christiani, David C.
Environmental Health Perspectives, Jun 2016; 124(6): 733-738. 7p
: There are > 7,000 e-cigarette flavors currently marketed. Flavoring chemicals gained notoriety in the early 2000s when inhalation exposure of the flavoring chemical diacetyl was found to be associated with a disease that became known as “popcorn lung.”  We aimed to determine if the flavoring chemical diacetyl and two other high-priority flavoring chemicals, 2,3-pentanedione and acetoin, are present in a convenience sample of flavoured e-cigarettes.

14. E-cigarettes: How safe are they? 
Smith, Lee; Brar, Kanwarjeet; Srinivasan, Kavitha; Enja, Manasa; Lippmann, Steven
Journal of Family Practice, Jun 2016; 65(6): 380-385. 6p
: Without tobacco, tar, ash, or carbon monoxide, e-cigarettes are marketed as “healthier” alternatives to cigarettes. But they are not without risk.

Journal – Table of Contents

Registered Nurse Journal, Vol. 28. No. 6, November/December 2016

15A.Editor’s Note: A nurse around every corner
15B. President’s view: Feeling enlightened after meeting members face-to-face
15C. CEO Dispatch:  RNAO’s patient and public engagement initiative:An authentic journey of co-creation
15D. RN Profile: Embracing life and death in oncology [Angela Leahey]
15E. Nursing in the news: Public forum on legalization of marijuana; Eating well with diabetes; Naloxone saves lives; LHIN-wide critical care program gets kudos
15F. Nursing Notes: Heather Laschinger 1945-2016; RNAO remembers fallen soldiers; RNAO welcomes new director; Ontario votes to keep fluoride in water
15G. Doing more for the 3Ds [Improve care for adults living with dementia, delirium and depression]
15H. A firm and fair response [A task force charged with helping protect the public from sexual abuse by regulated health professionals]
15I. Association leaders tour province to hear local perspectives
15J. Nurses to the rescue
15K. Policy at work: A rallying cry for affordable housing; making the case for patients-RNAO’s response to Bill 41; Banning segregation
15L. In the end: What nursing means to me


16. 15th World Congress on Public Health 2017
: 3-7 April 2017
Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf 3006
More information

17. Future Healthcare Facilities
Designing and maintaining future facilities for first- class healthcare outcomes

Date: 22 - 23 May 2017
Venue: Stamford Plaza, Auckland
More information:

18. Whole of health strategies to improve patient flow
This conference will provide strategies for hospitals to improve flow and patient centred care through interagency collaboration and communication with the entire health care service
Date:  17th & 18th May 2017
Venue: CQ Functions Melbourne
More information:

News – National

19. Lung Cancer Patient Resources launched to empower Patients and Carers
Medical Director & Associate Professor of Oncology, Chris Atkinson said “To coincide with World Cancer Day on the 4th February, we launched a number of lung cancer patient resources to empower patients and carers and help them make informed treatment decisions.”“Together, the twelve individual lung cancer patient resources make up a toolkit that helps inform all aspects of the lung cancer patient journey.”
The resources can be found here:

News – International

20. Smoking pot as a medicine raises questions for doctors about side effects
Geordon Omand, The Canadian Press, Vancouver Sun  03.05.2017
Not all medicinal marijuana is created equal. That’s what some experts are saying as they warn about the health risks and curtailed effectiveness associated with smoking medicine. As medical pot becomes increasingly mainstream and Canada moves toward legalizing the substance, health experts are emphasizing the need for doctors and patients to consider the sometimes serious side effects linked to the various ways of consuming the drug.

21. Insurers tell life insurance inquiry that doctors are sharing full medical histories
Sydney Morning Herald - March 4, 2017
Life insurance providers have revealed that some doctors are voluntarily sharing their patients' entire medical histories, even though they've only asked for information relevant to a claim.

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