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Issue 8 Library e-newsletter - 7 March 2018

These books are available for loan to NZNO members, for a period of 4 weeks. Please supply your address so we can courier the books out.

1/ Transforming workplace relations in New Zealand 1976-2016 (HD 6961 TRA)
Edited by Anderson, Gordon; Geare, Alan; Rasmussen, Erling; Wilson, Margaret
Victoria University Press, 2017
Reflects on the revolution in the regulation of labour relations and speculates on the future of work relationships in a world challenged by evolving forms of work and employment.  Includes contributions from those who have lived through the last 40 years as well as those who may again look back over a changed employment landscape. Marks the 40th anniversary of the inaugural publication in 1976 of  the New Zealand Journal of Industrial Relations.

2/ He pukapuka reo hauora Māori (W62 JAN)
Jansen, David
Comprises Māori-English and English-Māori glossaries of anatomical and health terms.  Provides medical questions for doctors to ask Māori patients in both English and Māori.
Ahuru Press, 2005; reprinted 2008

3/ Make her praises heard afar: New Zealand women overseas in World War One
(WZ 112.5.M4 TOL)
Tolerton, Jane
Published in 2017
Redresses the imbalance in World War One historiography by telling the untold stories of NZ women who worked in both paid and voluntary capacities for the war effort abroad, including doctors, dentists, ambulance drivers, munitions workers, mathematicians, members of the British women's services, managers of hospitals and convalescent homes, and more.

4/ Art of recovery: Six personal journeys (WB 320 ART)
Edited by Cassidy, Bernadette and Beaver, Carolyn
Gives seven physically or psychologically injured people the opportunity to relate their individual stories of recovery from a variety of injuries and problems, including addiction and depression, cancer and brain injury, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, and amputation.  Expounds the Independent Living  Paradigm which underpins rehabilitation at the Burwood Academy of Independent Living

5/ Nurse on board: Planning your path to the boardroom (WY 105 CUR)
Curran, Connie
Sigma Theta Tau International, 2016
Provides the tools nurses need to attain, and succeed in, their first board role, or advance into greater board responsibilities.  Explains different types of boards, how they work, and the requisite skills and experience for serving on them

Articles – The Australian Journal of Cancer Nursing,  Nov 2017

6. Supportive care screening in rural ambulatory cancer care
Opie, Cynthia A; Koschel, Alison; Ervin, Kaye E; Jeffreson, Lynette; Haines, Helen M
The Australian Journal of Cancer Nursing,  Volume 18 Issue 2 (Nov 2017)
: To explore supportive care screening evaluating cancer-related distress and subsequent referrals to supportive care services.

7. The minimum education and safety requirements for the nursing administration of cytotoxic drugs: An integrative review protocol
Coyne, Elisabeth; Northfield, Sarah; Ash, Kylie; Brown-West, Leisa; Miles, Corrie; Munton, Karen; Barratt, Catherine
The Australian Journal of Cancer Nursing,  Volume 18 Issue 2 (Nov 2017
Abstract: This protocol describes the steps taken to develop an integrative review to identify current research on the minimum education and safety requirements for nurses to administer cytotoxic drugs. The review will provide evidence to underpin a Cancer Nurses Society of Australia (CNSA) position statement on the same topic.

8. Prevalence of high-risk health behaviours in long-term survivors of adult allogeneic blood and marrow transplantation in Sydney, Australia
Dyer, Gemma; Larsen, Stephen R; Gilroy, Nicole; Brice, Lisa; Kabir, Masura; Hogg, Megan; Brown, Louisa; Hertzberg, Mark; Greenwood, Matt; Moore, John; Gottlieb, David; Huang, Gillian; Tan, Jeff; Ward, Christopher; Kerridge, Ian
The Australian Journal of Cancer Nursing,  Volume 18 Issue 2 (Nov 2017)
: Allogeneic blood and marrow transplantation (BMT) survivors are at a significantly increased risk of many preventable conditions that cause long-term morbidity and mortality. The aim of this multi-centre cross-sectional study was to examine Australian BMT survivors and their engagement in high-risk health behaviour known to contribute to these conditions.

9. Two cases presentations of leptomeningeal metastases in the glioma patient
Kastelan, Marina
The Australian Journal of Cancer Nursing,  Volume 18 Issue 2 (Nov 2017)
: Leptomeningeal dissemination of high-grade primary brain tumours remains a challenge to diagnose and treat with a very poor prognosis once drop metastases have occurred

10. Venous access practices for delivery of chemotherapy for women with breast cancer
Szwajcer, Alison; Hannan, Rosemary; O'Brien, Liane; Fournaris, Marie; Fernandez, Ritin
The Australian Journal of Cancer Nursing,  Volume 18 Issue 2 (Nov 2017)
Purpose: To explore venous access practices for delivery of chemotherapy for women with breast cancer.
: Medical records of all women (N=274) who had breast cancer surgery and who received chemotherapy for breast cancer over a three-year period were reviewed.

Articles – International Journal of Nursing Practice, February 2018

11. Lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) people's experiences of nursing health care: An emancipatory nursing practice integrative review
Mercy Nhamo-Murire and Catriona Ida Macleod
International Journal of Nursing Practice, February 2018, Vol. 24, Issue 1
: To review current research on lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) individuals' experience of nursing services from an emancipatory nursing practice framework.

12. Concept analysis of cancer survivorship and contributions to oncological nursing
afaela Azevedo Abrantes de Oliveira, Vander Monteiro da Conceição, Jeferson Santos Araujo and Márcia Maria Fontão Zago
International Journal of Nursing Practice, February 2018, Vol. 24, Issue 1
: This study aims to analyse the concept of cancer survivorship using Rodgers' evolutionary concept analysis model.

13. Factors contributing to managerial competence of first-line nurse managers: A systematic review
Joko Gunawan, Yupin Aungsuroch and Mary L. Fisher
International Journal of Nursing Practice, February 2018, Vol. 24, Issue 1
: To determine the factors contributing to managerial competence of first-line nurse managers.Understanding factors affecting managerial competence of nurse managers remains important to increase the performance of organizations; however, there is sparse research examining factors that influence managerial competence of first-line nurse managers.

14. Holistic health care: Patients' experiences of health care provided by an Advanced Practice Nurse
Irene Eriksson, Monica Lindblad, Ulrika Möller and Catharina Gillsjö
International Journal of Nursing Practice, February 2018, Vol. 24, Issue 1
: Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) is a fairly new role in the Swedish health care system. Tis article aims to describe patients' experiences of health care provided by an APN in primary health care.

15. Clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of nurse-led care in Chinese patients with rheumatoid arthritis: A randomized trial comparing with rheumatologist-led care
Junru Wang, Xiulan Zou, Ling Cong and Huina Liu
International Journal of Nursing Practice, February 2018, Vol. 24, Issue 1
: The concept of nurse-led care (NLC) was not familiar in China. This study was designed to evaluate the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of NLC versus rheumatologist-led care (RLC) in Chinese patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

16. Smart phone accessibility and mHealth use in a limited resource setting
Shelby L. Garner, Tanya Sudia and Spurgeon Rachaprolu
International Journal of Nursing Practice, February 2018, Vol. 24, Issue 1
: To determine smartphone access and use including future opportunities for mHealth and potential ethical implications among health care professionals practicing at a health care facility in Bengaluru, India.

17. Perceptions of risk of coronary heart disease among people living with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Ali Ahmad Ammouri, Ahmad H. Abu Raddaha, Jansi Natarajan and Melba Sheila D'Souza
International Journal of Nursing Practice, February 2018, Vol. 24, Issue 1
: Our aim is to assess perception of risk of developing coronary heart disease and to examine its associations with individuals' characteristics and health behaviours among Omani people with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).

Articles – International Nursing Review, March 2018

18. Early nurse attrition in New Zealand and associated policy implications (pages 33–40)
L. Walker and J. Clendon
International Nursing Review, March 2018, Vol. 65, Issue 1: 35-40
: To examine the factors contributing to nurses choosing to exit the nursing profession before retirement age.
Background: Population growth, ageing and growing demand for health services mean increased demand for nurses. Better retention could help meet this demand, yet little work has been done in New Zealand to understand early attrition.

19. Delineating advanced practice nursing in New Zealand: a national survey
(pages 24–32)
J. Carryer, J. Wilkinson, A. Towers and G. Gardner
International Nursing Review, March 2018, Vol. 65, Issue 1: 24-32
: A variety of advanced practice nursing roles and titles have proliferated in response to the changing demands of a population characterized by increasing age and chronic illness. Whilst similarly identified as advanced practice roles, they do not share a common practice profile, educational requirements or legislative direction
20. Among nurses, how does education level impact professional values? A systematic review (pages 65–77)
B.T. Sibandze and K.N. Scafide
International Nursing Review, March 2018, Vol. 65, Issue 1: 65-77
: The aim of this systematic review was to determine how level of education affects professional nursing values of clinical practising nurses

Conferences & Workshops

21. All Together Better Health IX (ATBH IX)
The World Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice Coordinating Committee
Date: 3-6 September 2018
Venue: AUT City Campus - Sir Paul Reeves Building (WG)
More information:

22. 2018 HiNZ Conference
Date: Wednesday 21 November to Friday 23 November. Includes the NZ Nursing Informatics event (NZNI) on Wednesday 21 November.
Venue: TSB Arena and Shed 6 in Wellington
More information:

23. UV Radiation: Effects on Human Health and the Environment
UV radiation - both damaging (eg. melanoma, other skin cancers, cataracts) and beneficial (including updates on vitamin D and health outcomes
Date: 4-6 April, 2018
Venue: James Cook Grand Chancellor, Wellington

News - National

24. 'We’re behind the eight-ball' – health professor says NZ should follow UK ban on sale of energy drinks to teens
A Kiwi health professor has accused the government and retail industry of being "behind the eight ball" when it comes to protecting teens form sugary energy drinks. 'We’re behind the eight-ball' – health professor says NZ should follow UK ban on sale of energy drinks to teens.
TVNZ – 7/3/2018

25. National whooping cough epidemic hits Bay, health authorities issue immunisation reminder
Five people in the Bay of Plenty have been hospitalised with whooping cough this year amid a national epidemic. This compares with 12 hospitalisations recorded for the whole of 2017, six of which were in Western Bay.

26. Flu vaccine updated to combat deadly 'Aussie Flu' strain
Rachel Thomas 07:51, March 1 2018
As flu season looms, immunisation experts are urging people to get the seasonal vaccine, despite its lack of effectiveness in combating a lethal flu outbreak in the Northern Hemisphere winter. Concerns have been raised after influenza swept through the UK over the 2017/18 winter, killing at least 231 people and rendering thousands ill in hospital.

News International

27. Queensland researcher sets Australia up to be first country to eliminate cervical cancer
Sydney Morning Herald 4 March 2018 — 5:34pm
Experts predict Australia is likely to become the first country to effectively eliminate cervical cancer, with the eradication expected in the next 40 years. Professor Ian Frazer, who is attached to the University of Queensland, created Gardasil, the vaccine for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which causes about 99.9 per cent of cervical cancers

28. Sleeper sell: Anaesthetists want name change so people know how skilled they are
Sydney Morning Herald 2 March 2018 — 10:20am
One of Australia’s most important and highly paid medical specialities could soon have a new name, because of concerns that the public does not understand how skilled and crucial the job is. Anaesthetists – the women and men who ease us into unconsciousness in the operating theatre – are considering changing their name to anaesthesiologists, after a survey found that one in 10 people did not realise they were doctors

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