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Issue 25 - Library e-newsletter 5 July 2018


Available for issue for 4 weeks to current NZNO members. Please provide your address so the books can be couriered to you.

1. Promoting health in Aotearoa New Zealand
Edited by Louise Signal & Mihi Ratima
This book focuses on key aspects of health promotion thinking and practice, and not on specific health issues, risk factors or health determinants.

2. Health promotion in nursing practice (6th edition)
Nola Pender., Carolyn Murdaugh & Mary Ann Parsons
Includes an evidence-based approach to health promotion and disease prevention, which emphasises research-based interventions and a global socio-ecological approach that emphasises the role of the physical and social environments in health promotion.

3. Dirt filth and decay in a new world arcadia
Pamela Wood
Coming to the New World paradise of New Zealand the 19th-century colonial settlers did not expect to find the Old World evils of dirt and decay. She explores the roles f doctors and hospitals and of local authorities in the protection of pubic health from disease and decay.

4. Workplace bullying and harassment: A toolbox for managers and supervisors
Hadyn Olsen
This book provides information, advice, step-by-step processes and practical tips for dealing with workplace bullying and harassment problems.

Articles – Mindfulness

5. Looking inside ourselves: a culture of kindness.
Sollenberger, Julia
Journal of the Medical Library Association, Jul 2018; 106(3): 283-283. 1p
: Looking inside ourselves--being present and attentive to our own and others' words and feelings--helps us communicate and interact with a mindful, open heart. Mindfulness and patient-centeredness help caregivers provide higher quality care.

6. Feasibility and Pilot Testing of a Mindfulness Intervention for Frail Older Adults and Individuals With Dementia
Kovach, Christine R; Crystal-Rae Evans; Sattell, Lisa; Rosenau, Kimberly; Gopalakrishnan, Sandeep.
Research in Gerontological Nursing; Thorofare Vol. 11, Iss. 3,  (May 2018): 137-150.
: Mindfulness interventions have been beneficial for healthy adults and individuals experiencing a stressful medical or mental health diagnosis. The purposes of the current study were to: (a) determine feasibility of mindfulness for older adults in long-term residential settings, and (b) examine differences in outcomes between a mindfulness and cognitive activity.

7. Association between mindfulness and interoceptive accuracy in patients with diabetes: Preliminary evidence from blood glucose estimates
Kiken, Laura G; Shook, Natalie J; Robins, Jo Lynne; Clore, John N.
Complementary Therapies in Medicine; Kidlington Vol. 36,  (Feb 1, 2018): 90-92
: Mindfulness specifically during difficulties might play a role in disease-relevant interoception for patients with diabetes. Future research should aim to replicate this finding in larger and different samples, and to examine the potential role of mindfulness during difficulties in mindfulness-based interventions for patients with diabetes.

8.  Mindfulness-based treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder: a review of the treatment literature and neurobiological evidence
Boyd, Jenna E, MSc; Lanius, Ruth A, MD, PhD; McKinnon, Margaret C, PhD, CPsych.
Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience : JPN; Ottawa Vol. 43, Iss. 1,  (Jan 2018): 7-25.
: Mindfulness-based treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have emerged as promising adjunctive or alternative intervention approaches. A scoping review of the literature on PTSD treatment studies, including approaches such as mindfulness-based stress reduction, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and metta mindfulness, reveals low attrition with medium to large effect sizes.

Articles – Social Media

9. How to stay safe online
Nursing Standard. 32, 29,22-24. doi: 10.7748/ns.32.29.22.s18
Published in print: 14 March 2018
: The fifth article in our series explains how to safeguard confidential information about you, your patients and your organisation so you can enjoy the advantages of being an e-nurse. What is online security, or ‘cybersecurity’? Although the internet has many virtues, it can be an insecure way of exchanging information. Cybersecurity establishes simple rules and measures to prevent intrusion or fraud.

10. Safe use of social media
Nursing Standard. 31, 14,28-28. doi: 10.7748/ns.31.14.28.s25
Published in print: 30 November 2016
Zeba Arif Committee member of the RCN nursing in justice and forensic healthcare forum
: Social media enables health professionals to network widely and is a useful tool. But there are pitfalls and hurdles that need to be navigated when using sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Guidance issued by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) clearly states that nurses who act in an unprofessional or unlawful way on social media put their registration at risk.

11. Keep Your Health Info Private.
Avitzur, Orly
Consumer Reports on Health, Jul 2018; 30(7): 11-11. 1p
: The article provides suggestions for protecting health privacy. Topics discussed include recommendation for updating privacy of mobile apps on smartphones by creating strong passwords; suggestion for sharing limited medical information on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter; and need for getting copies of medical records

12. Social media: make it meme-ingful
Bell, Greg
inCite, May/Jun 2018; 39(5/6): 16-17. 2p
: The article discusses how presenting an online and accessible social media (SM) presence helps organizations engage with their members and the wider public in a fast and effective way. It notes that a healthy page or feed will share unique content and engage with its followers daily. It adds how retweeting or sharing one's own personal posts from one's organization's handle or page looks more like self-promotion than effective communication.

Journal - Table of Contents

Registered Nurse Journal, Vol. 30, No.2, March/April 2018


13A. Editors note: Change is in the air
13B. Presidents view: Celebrating two years at the helm
13C. The vital pairing of evidence and politics to promote healthy public policy
13D. Mailbag: All nurses must help to stop RN replacement; The joys of retirement
13E. Nursing in the News: Indigenous nurse calls for change; New hospital system improves care; NP clinics stay open in Midland and Peterborough; baby cuddlers provide essential service; Flu outbreaks in long-term care; Dialysis services expand in Ontario; Hospital introduces breast screening program
13F. Nursing Notes: New health minister knows RNAO; Opportunity for once-in-a-generation transformation of Ontario’s correctional system; Ontario accepting applications for overdose prevention sites
13G. 20 years later [The ground-breaking legislation that changed the landscape for NPs across the province]
13H. A struggle for care [Ontarians without access to health insurance rely on a unique clinic when they need it most but nurses are advocating for a broader solution]
13I. Talking politics [With a provincial election on the horizon, nurses visit Queen’s Park with pressing questions about improving health for all]
13J. Meet your incoming President [Angela Cooper Brathwaite]
13K.  The look of change: Celebrating RNAO’s flagship publication
13L. BPG Corner: harm reduction services enhanced thanks to SIS BPG; RNAO in the Middle East; New book about the history behind the BPG program
13M. RN Profile: The call of the north [Primary care nurse Brandi Milko]
13N. In the end: What nursing means to me….


14. Council of International Neonatal Nurses 2019
Theme: Enriched Family – Enhanced Care
Date: 5-8 May 2019
Venue: Auckland, New Zealand
More information:

15. All Together Better Health IX (ATBH IX): The leading global interprofessional education and collaborative practice conference
Under the direction of The World Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice Coordinating Committee.
9th ATBH conference. Transforming the Landscape of Healthcare - Ohomairangi te Hauora Manaaki
Date: Monday 3 Sept – Thurs 6 September 2018
Venue: AUT, Auckland, New Zealand
More information:

News - National

16. Mum-of-three Lotta Dann opens up being an alcoholic for 24 years
NZ Herald - 6 Jul, 2018 12:00pm
Alcoholism comes with a lot of shame but the way to address it is to strip the shame off and bare it all. Lotta Dann doesn't hide anymore. She openly admits she was a "working alcoholic" for 24 years of her life.

News – International

17. Duty of Care: Mothers' excessive use of mobile phones is driving behavioural problems among children, study finds
The Telegraph – 5 Jul 2018
Parents’ excessive use of mobile phones has been linked to increasing children’s behaviour problems in the world’s first study of its kind. The research involving almost 200 families found that children whose parents were addicted to their phones were significantly more likely to have behaviour problems.

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