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Issue 37 Library e-newsletter 15 November 2019

Books – Available from the NZNO library collection

These books are available for loan for a period of 4 weeks
We courier them out to you, so please provide a physical address when you request items


1. From Green to Gold – Nurses and Comrades: Memories from green days to golden times
Compiled and edited by Patricia Isa
Published in 2013
A collection of nursing memories, career pathways, life stories, and other topics of interest. Celebrating 55 years of Green Group comradeship. Dunedin Hospital 1958-1961

2. Health equity, social justice and human rights
Ann Taket
Published 2012
Important links between health and human rights are increasingly recognised and human rights can be viewed as one of the social determinants of health. Furthermore, a human rights framework provides an excellent foundation for advocacy on health inequalities, a value-based alternative to views of health as a commodity, and the opportunity to move away from public health action being based on charity.

3. Make her praises heard afar: New Zealand women overseas in World War One
Jane Tolerton
Published 2017
This book tells the story of New Zealand women who played a role overseas in World War One.

4. Occupational health and safety in New Zealand: Contemporary social research
edited by Michael Lloyd
Published 2002
This book provides some general conceptual guidelines for understanding OHS, more specifically providing examples of contemporary social research on New Zealand OHS matters.

Articles –  Nursing Economic$, Sep/Oct 2019, Vol. 37 Iss. 5

5. Climate Change and Disasters: The World Needs Prepared Nurses.
Schenk, Elizabeth C.
Nursing Economic$. Sep/Oct 2019, 37(5), 218-230
The authors convey their concerns about the roles and preparation of nurses in disaster response. Topics discussed include key components to a robust disaster response, the need for nurses to understand how the use of energy, equipment, and supplies in the delivery of nursing care influences climate conditions, and participation of nurses in the Nurses Climate Challenge.

6. Staffing Needs and Associated Costs in Times of Disaster: An Integrative Review.
Langan, Joanne C.
Nursing Economic$. Sep/Oct 2019, 37(5), 221-229

Strategies to complement nursing staff during response to disasters or public health emergencies are identified in this integrative review. Academic and community volunteers and government-vetted providers augment staff by expanding the labor pool and contribute to the effort at substantial savings.

7. Disaster Preparedness: Mitigation, Response, and Recovery to Ensure Staffing Excellence in Los Angeles County.
Blake, Nancy.
Nursing Economic$. Sep/Oct2019, 37(5), 231-240

The goal of disaster mitigation, response, and recovery is to ensure the community does not lose healthcare services and the hospital maintains business continuity. The primary goal is to maintain safe patient care and care for all disaster victims who arrive. A secondary goal is to minimize financial impact by utilizing resources efficiently.

8. California Burning: Staffing Lessons Learned from a Multi-Hospital System.
Massarweh, Lisa J.
Nursing Economic$. Sep/Oct 2019, 37(5), 241-244.

The California wildfires of 2017 forced one hospital within a multi-hospital system to evacuate. Technology-enabled staffing systems, along with analytics, assisted in maximizing the ability to provide essential services. Lessons learned may assist nurse leaders to prepare for similar situations

9. The MOUNT Model of Student Nurse Deployment During Times of Disaster.
Hellman, Ann N.
Nursing Economic$. Sep/Oct 2019, 37(5), 246-254

Nursing schools provide exceptional opportunities for hospitals and other organizations to strengthen resource pools and decrease costs during times of disaster. The MOUNT Model facilitates collaboration and planning among community stakeholders prior to disaster events, resulting in enhanced community disaster response.

10. The Calm Before the Storm: Staffing During Times of Disaster.
Smith, Uniqua.
Nursing Economic$. Sep/Oct 2019, 37(5), 250-254
Natural disasters can occur at any moment and sometimes without prior notice. Having a staffing plan in place that can be activated at any given time can help alleviate the stressors that can come from inadequate staffing during traumatic events

11. After the Storm: Caring for Staff.
Smith, Uniqua; Nelson, Beverly; Porter, Carol; Gallardo, Luisa Dee.
Nursing Economic$. Sep/Oct 2019, 37(5), 252-254

Nurses play a significant role in maintaining patient care during natural disasters. It is important to understand the impact disasters also have on employees. Developing a plan to support nurses for disaster-related leave is a necessity for rapid responsiveness.

12. Mobilizing Clinical Contact Centers in the Veterans Health Administration: Nurses on the Front Lines.
Morgan, Storm L.
Nursing Economic$. Sep/Oct 2019, 37(5), 255-264
The network of Clinical Contact Centers (CCCs) in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) provides access to immediate triage and urgent care with a robust national infrastructure, using virtual care modalities during routine operations and as an extension of VHA Comprehensive Emergency Management Programs. Registered nurses and advanced practice registered nurses in CCCs also utilize virtual care to provide outreach in rural and underserved communities.

13. Chaos, Teamwork, Compassion, and Leadership: Disasters and Nursing's Finest Hours.
By: Kerfoot, Karlene M.
Nursing Economic$. Sep/Oct 2019, 37(5), 265-26
Nurses come from a long history of rising to the occasion whenever there are disasters. As we brace for endemics, disasters brought on by climate change, natural disasters, disasters induced by humans, and emergencies in our neighborhoods, nurses manage through the chaos to save lives and prevent adverse outcomes.

Journal Table of Contents: – 
American Journal of Nursing, October 2019, Vol. 119, Number 10


14A. Editorial: It’s the moment that matter [Brief encounters and events can sometimes change lives]
14B. When a childhood sexual abuse history influences patient trust [It’s time to acknowledge this safety issue and train nurses in compassionate care]
14C. News: DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients seeking RN licensure: On a road to nowhere?; Anticholinergic drug use associated with risk of dementia; Cosmetic-related pediatric exposures are a main source of calls to poison centers
14D. AJN Reports:  Cannabis use increasingly common in pregnancy, alcohol still a problem
14E. Policy & Politics: ANA adopts new Presidential Election Policy [The organization determines candidate endorsement is no longer beneficial]
14F. Drug Watch: New drug  for hypoactive sexual desire disorder in premenopausal women; Dupilumab approved to treat chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis; New pediatric indication for Dalteparin Sodium; New drug indications for pediatric type 2 diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and hospital-acquired and ventilator-associated bacterial pneumonia
14G. Infection in acute care: Evidence for practice [Preventing and treating the three most common infections in this setting]
14H. Poem: Remembrance
14I. Knowledge of precision medicine and health care: An essential nursing competency [How to incorporate ‘omics’ sciences into practice
14J. The STAND skin bundle [One academic medical center implements an evidence-based intervention to prevent hospital-acquired pressure injuries]
14K. Cochrane Corner: Long-term inhaled antipseudomonal antibiotics in cystic fibrosis
14L. Countering vaccine misinformation [Nurses can be advocates for immunization and help prevent outbreaks of preventable diseases]
14M. Journal Watch: Unnecessary antibiotic prophylaxis for dental procedures is widespread; Autism spectrum disorder is mostly due to genetic factors; Better cardiac arrest outcomes in hospitals with more nurses with BSNs; Healthy lifestyle protects against dementia
14N. Implementing a fast-track team triage approach in response to Hurricane  Maria
14O. Keeping count of women and girls killed by men [School nurse Dawn Wilcox compiles a database of violence against women]
14P. When ‘Love’ = Death
14Q. The last one [What would it take to make you really appreciate the precious moments of your life?]


15. Goodfellow Symposium
“Skills for next Monday”
Date: March 28-29 2020
Venue: Vodafone Events Centre
More Information:

News – National

16. The rise of syphilis in NZ: The worst STI hot-spots as disease make a comeback
Stuff -  Nov 15 2019

A crowd of clinicians gathered in a darkened room taking turns to peer into a microscope. It was years ago, but Suzanne Werder remembers it well. The nurse practitioner and her colleagues were curiously looking at the bacteria that causes syphilis after a primary case of the STI had come to New Zealand after being picked-up overseas.

17. SkyCity convention n centre fire: Workers claim they are still sick from toxic smoke fumes
SkyCity staff will strike outside the Auckland landmark on Friday night with workers claiming to still be experiencing toxic poisoning from last month's massive blaze at the neighbouring convention centre. A fire broke out on the roof of the centre on October 22, destroying large parts of the centre and sending huge plumes of toxic smoke across the central city.

News – International

18. How social media could be contributing to the 'shyness epidemic'
ABC Science: 15 November 2019
The party was packed, and a group of women I knew were in a corner, laughing. Arriving on my own, I wanted to walk over and say hello but a nagging voice in my head stopped me. What if my sudden presence killed the conversation? What if – God forbid – the reason they were laughing in the first place was because they were guffawing about me?

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