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Issue 3 NZNO Library e-newsletter 17 February 2020

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

There are currently outbreaks overseas of a new disease called COVID-19 (also known as novel coronavirus). The Ministry of Health is closely monitoring the situation and following guidance from the World Health Organization. While the likelihood of an imported case in New Zealand is high, the likelihood of a widespread outbreak is low–moderate.

National code of practice: For managing nurses’ fatigue and shift work in District Health Board hospitals, First edition 2019

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Books – Available from the NZNO Library

These books can be borrowed by current NZNO members, for a period of 4 weeks. Please provide a street address if you request any items, as they are couriered out to you.

1. Headlands: New stories of anxiety
Edited by Naomi Arnold
In 2017, Ministry of Health figures showed that one in five New Zealanders sought help for a diagnosed mood or anxiety disorder, and these figures are growing. Headlands: New Stories of Anxiety tells the real, messy story behind these statistics ¬– what anxiety feels like, what causes it, what helps and what doesn’t

2. No shortcuts: Organizing for power in the new gilded age
Jane F. McAlevey
Published in 2016
In No Shortcuts, Jane McAlevey argues that progressives can win, but lack the organized power to enact significant change, to outlast their bosses in labor fights, and to hold elected leaders accountable. Drawing upon her experience as a scholar and longtime organizer in the student, environmental, and labor movements, McAlevey examines cases from labor unions and social movements to pinpoint the factors that helped them succeed - or fail - to accomplish their intended goal.

3. Stories of resilience in nursing: Tales from the frontline of nursing
Michael Traynor
Published in 2020
This engaging book recounts direct and vivid stories told by or about nurses. These vignettes discuss nursing’s ideals without idealising them and show nursing work and the lives of nurses in all their complexity. They include contributions from mental health nurses, a former nurse, student nurses, a migrant nurse and a whistle-blowing nurse, among others. The book ends with chapter-by-chapter contextual material to promote reflection, discussion and further reading

4. Talking past each other: Problems of cross cultural communication
Joan Metge and Patricia Kinloch
Reprinted 1987
Where numbers of different cultural groups come together, misunderstandings and tensions can arise, even where there is the greatest goodwill on both sides. Sometimes even those involved are unable to explain why. In this book the authors set out to explore the situations and contexts in which cross cultural misunderstandings can occur.

Articles –  Applied Nursing Research [Journal]
                  February 2020


5. Characteristics of falls and recurrent falls in residents of an aging in place community: A case-control study
Linda K. Anderson &  Kari Lane
Applied Nursing Research, 2020-02-01, Volume 51, Article 151190

Falls and fall-related injuries remain an ongoing and serious health problem in older adults. Many clinical and environmental factors have been implicated in falls and recurrent falls, including sleep disturbances, sensory deficits, balance problems, incontinence, comorbid conditions, and certain categories of medications. We undertook this study to determine if there was an association between these factors and falls or recurrent falls in older adult residents of an aging in place community.

6. How much do hospitalized adults move? A systematic review and meta-analysis
Sarina Fazio., Jacqueline Stocking., Brooks Kuhn et al.
Applied Nursing Research, 2020-02-01, Volume 51, Article 151189

Inactivity is pervasive among hospitalized patients and is associated with increased mortality, functional decline, and cognitive impairment. Objective measurement of activity is necessary to examine associations with clinical outcomes and quantify optimal inpatient mobility interventions.

7. Patient fall risk and prevention strategies among acute care hospitals
Kari Johnson., Hartford Scholar et al.
Applied Nursing Research, 2020-02-01, Volume 51, Article 151188.

Falls with injuries in an acute care setting has and continues to be one of the most reportable and potentially life threatening occurrence among hospitalized patients.

8. Stress-related vulnerability and usefulness of healthcare education in Parkinson's disease: The perception of a group of family caregivers, a cross-sectional study
Enrico Di Stasio., Emanuele Di Simone et al.
Applied Nursing Research, 2020-02-01, Volume 51 Article 151186.

Parkinson's Disease is associated with a high assistive complexity, thus generating in caregivers a burden proportional to the intensity of the care provided. This study aims to evaluate whether the stress-related level of caregivers is related to their perception of the need for healthcare education.

Journal - Table Of Contents

American Journal of Nursing, January 2020, Volume 120, Number 1

9A. Editorial: Putting 2019 behind us; Looking forward to a new year
9B. What we have to lose: Prevention vs. intervention in obstetric care: Concerns about medicalization can have unintended consequences for those most at risk.
9C. The year in review 2019: The top health care stories of 2019
A sense of urgency heading into an election year; Cyberattacks and hospital data security
9D. News: A changing climate and the elimination of protections; Women’s reproductive health; Society in distress: A year marked by upheaval and increasing social disparities
9E. News: The top nursing stories of 2019: Workplace violence; NAM report addresses clinician burnout and suicide; Upward trend in nurses with baccalaureates continues
9F. News: The top clinical stories of 2019: Measles outbreaks; Vaping causes lung injuries; Opioid crisis update; Depression in children; Whole blood in trauma resuscitations
9G. Stories to watch in 2020: Social determinants of health; Electronic health records (EHRs); Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE); New nursing reports; Better Ebola drugs; Medical marijuana; Private nursing schools
9H. The global year of the nurse and midwife [A closer look at the impetus for this designation and implications for U.S. nurses and midwives]
9I. Drugwatch: Hepatitis C and compensated cirrhosis drug approved for eight-week treatment; New drug for type 2 diabetes; First drug approved for rare lung disease
9J. Cochrane Corner: Using aquablation to treat lower urinary tract symptoms in benign prostatic hyperplasia
9K. The recruitment experience of foreign-educated health professionals to the United States
9L. Assessing and managing spiritual distress in cancer survivorship
9M. Poem: Intimacy of water
9N. Concentration and volume: Understanding sodium and water in the body
9O. Urinary incontinence in older adults
9P. The elements of a nursing malpractice case, Part 3B: Causation
9Q. A patient’s final freedom: Despite end-stage COPD, she is able to make a graceful final exit on her own terms


10. Southern Suicide Prevention Symposium: Working together to prevent suicide
: 10 &11 September 2020

11. Medicinal Cannabis Summit
MedCan 2020, New Zealand’s first Medicinal Cannabis Summit, will take a deep dive into the world of medicinal cannabis and examine it through the lens of medicine, science, industry and technology
Date: 19 Mar 2020 8:00am to Thursday, 19 Mar 2020 5:00pm
Venue: SkyCity Auckland Convention Centre , 88 Federal Street, Auckland
More information:

12. NZBCS: The Second New Zealand Breast Cancer Symposium
: “From prevention, early diagnosis to targeted therapy”
Date: 12-14 November 2020
Venue: AUT City Campus, Sir Paul Reeves Building, 35 Wellesley Street East, Auckland 1010

News – National

13. Covid-19: New Zealanders on cruise ship face more quarantine on return home
Radio New Zealand, 17 February 2020
New Zealanders quarantined on cruise ship amid the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak will be quarantined again when they return home

14. Samoan teens allegedly kept as slaves by Hastings chief
Radio New Zealand,  17 February 2020
A man giving evidence in the country's first slavery and human trafficking trial has described being paid $20 a week for working 16 hour days, six days a week

News - International

15. Opinion: The tick-a-box GP - a bureaucrat's dangerous fantasy
Sydney Morning Herald – 17 February 2020
Last week the Department of Health sent letters to 341 general practitioners, accusing them of inappropriately claiming Medicare funding for managing both a physical and a psychological issue in one consultation.

16. Slowly but steadily, more children are getting cancer, research finds
Sydney Morning Herald – 17 February 2020
The rate of cancer in Australian children is slowly but steadily rising, new research indicates, leading to calls for more investigation into the causes of cancer in the very young


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