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Issue 159 - 2 November 2010

5+ A Day Fruit and Vegetable Month - November 2010

The 5+ A Day Charitable Trust is kicking off 5+ A Day Fruit and Vegetable Month this November with a challenge to the public to boost their daily dose of fruit and vegetables and start walking the talk on the 5+ A Day message. Recent research shows that while the 5+ A Day message is recognized by around 80 per cent of New Zealanders, it is only actioned by 41%

Articles - Request from the NZNO library

1. Perceived Effects of Specialty Nurse Certification: A Review of the Literature
Journal of Nursing Administration, October 2010, Volume 40, Issue 10: pS5-S13

2. Reliability Testing of the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators Pressure Ulcer Indicator
Journal of Nursing Administration, October 2010, Volume 40, Issue 10: pS16-S25

3. Certification and Education: Do They Affect Pressure Ulcer Knowledge in Nursing?
Journal of Nursing Administration, October 2010, Volume 40, Issue 10: pS28-S32

4. Effect of Certification in Oncology Nursing on Nursing-Sensitive Outcomes
Journal of Nursing Administration, October 2010, Volume 40, Issue 10: pS35-S42

5. Predictors of Professional Nursing Practice Behaviors in Hospital Settings
Journal of Nursing Administration, October 2010, Volume 40, Issue 10: pS45-S51

6. Perioperative Nurses and Patient Outcomes: Mortality, Complications, and Length of Stay
Journal of Nursing Administration, October 2010, Volume 40, Issue 10: pS54-S67

7. Competence and Certification of Registered Nurses and Safety of Patients in Intensive Care Units
Journal of Nursing Administration, October 2010, Volume 40, Issue 10: pS68-S77

Articles: Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics,
Volume 5 Number 2, Spring 2010

Download these yourself off the web

8. Editorial: Tapping into Web 2.0
by June Kaminski, RN MSN PhD(c) - Editor-in-Chief
Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics (CJNI), Vol 5,(2) 

9. Question of the Year
by Dr. Sandra Bassendowski
Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics (CJNI),Vol 5, (2) 

10. ABC’s of Transitioning from Paper to Electronic Documentation
by Donna Pynn RN, MHST
Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics (CJNI),Vol 5, (2"> 

11. Resistance of Nurses to Transition to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
by Marcia Bergfeld MSN, RN, CHPN and C’Shalla Parker MSN, RN
Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics (CJNI),Vol 5, (2)

Conferences, Seminars and Courses

12. 4th International Gambling Conference 2012
Hosted by the Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand, the Gambling and Addictions Research Centre of Auckland University of Technology (AUT), and Hapai Te Hauora Tapui Maori Public Health.
Date: 22-24 February 2012
Venue: Auckland
More information:,27102,110232,00.html

13. Health of the Health Professional Conference 2011
The programme caters for doctors, nurses, medical students, allied health professionals and health researchers as well as employers, HR professionals, unions and government officials working in the health sector
Date: 3-5 November 2011
Venue: Langham Hotel, Auckland
More information:

News - National

14. Funding turns fat chance to slim hope
The Dominion Post - 1 Nov, 2010
New funding for weight-loss surgery has given a Whanganui woman hope she might finally get the operation she needs to save her life. Jasmin Sciascia, 25, is morbidly obese and has been told by doctors she will not live to 30 without bariatric surgery. Whanganui District Health Board had refused to pay for the operation, despite local surgeon Clive Solomon and Whanganui MP Chester Borrows pleading her case.

15. Stroke therapy gets high tech treatment
NZ Herald - Monday Nov 1, 2010
The Kiwi developers of a device that gives fresh hope to stroke and brain injury survivors have big plans for their product's entrance into the lucrative export market. And it's no wonder, with the global medical technology industry now worth more than $400 billion annually, and growing by 6 to 7 per cent each year, according to the Medical Technology Association of New Zealand.

News - International

16. 38,000 more bottles of Lipitor recalled over odor complaints
CNN) - 30 October 2010
Pfizer is recalling an additional 38,000 bottles of the cholesterol-fighting drug Lipitor after reports of an odor linked to the packaging bottles, the drug company said in a statement. The recall will affect Lipitor 40 mg tablets (atorvastatin calcium) distributed in the United States. The company said the bottles were supplied by a third-party manufacturer."We have thoroughly evaluated the root cause, which is episodic exposure of the bottles to low levels of TBA (tribromoanisole) as they are shipped or stored," Pfizer said. The company said the rate of odor complaints was fewer than three per million bottles.

17. Ecstasy users' health no worse off: study Edwina Scott 
Sydney Morning Herald - October 26, 2010
Young ecstasy users are unlikely to suffer worse health or behavioural problems than non-users of the party drug, a new study has found. The Queensland Alcohol Drug and Education Centre (QADREC) study of 6051 young adults aged between 18 and 23 in Brisbane and the Gold Coast assessed the health of those who had taken the drug at least three times in 12 months, compared with those who had never taken it.


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