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Issue 158 - 27 October 2010

New books added to the NZNO Library Collection

These books can be borrowed by NZNO members for a period of 4 weeks.The books are couriered out to you, so please supply your street address when you request any items.  We ask that you return these items on or before the due date.

1/ The literature review: Six steps to success
By Machi, Lawrence A.
Published 2009 - Corwin Press

Written in user-friendly language, this compact reference offers master's and doctoral level students in education and the social sciences a roadmap to developing and writing an effective literature review for a research project, thesis or dissertation. Organised around a comprehensive and detailed six-step developmental model, the book provides guided exercises, graphics, charts, and examples from the everyday experiences of researchers. Provides assistance for:
- Selecting a topic
- Searching the literature
- Developing arguments
- Surveying the literature
- Critiquing the literature
- Writing the literature review

2/ Basics of qualitative research: Techniques and procedures for developing grounded theory
By Corbin, Juliet
Published in 2008 - Sage Publications Ltd

This revised edition provides a step-by-step guide to the research act - from the formation of the research question through several approaches to coding and analysis, to reporting on the research.
New to the third edition:
- Shows the actual steps involved in data analysis (from description to grounded theory) and data gathering by means of theoretical sampling
- Provides activities for thinking, writing, and group discussion that reinforce material presented in the text
- Includes real data and practice with qualitative software such as MAXQDA, as well as student practice exercises

3/ Ayliffe's control of healthcare-associated infection
Edited by Adam P Fraise & Christina Bradley
Published in 2009 - Edward Arnold (publishers) Ltd

The fifth edition of this classic text is the definitive, clinically orientated guide to a critical area within healthcare practice. It contains sound, practical advice for all those involved in the control of infection in a variety of settings.
Part One discusses the basic principles of infection control, including administrative issues, surveillance and reporting, sterilisation, disinfection and decontamination, with an emphasis on the key area of hand hygiene.
Part Two covers the specific areas of prophylaxis and treatment of injections.
Part Three Prevention in different healthcare settings is presented, including issues particular special wards and departments such as paediatric and neonatal units, intensive care, the elderly and those being treated or working within allied health areas such as x-ray, physiotherapy and the laboratory setting.

4/ The bully at work: What you can do to stop the hurt and reclaim your dignity on the job
By Gary Namie & Ruth Namie
Published 2009 - SourceBooks, Inc.

Dr. Gary and Dr. Ruth Namie, founders of the U.S. movement in 1998 and the Workplace Bullying Institute ( teach you personal strategies such as:
- How to identify your allies
- How to stand up to your tormenter
- Ways to build your confidence
- When to walk away with your sanity and dignity intact

Journal articles - Download these yourself

5/ Canadian Journal of Nursing Research
Articles from 1969 -2002 can be downloaded free of charge at the CJNR digital archive, at the link below
Articles from March 2003 - December 2007 can be downloaded free of charge at the link below:

6/ PubMed Central
PubMed Central (PMC) is a free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature. It includes journals such as:
- Australia and New Zealand Health Policy
- The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry
- The Medical Journal of Australia
- The Australian Journal of Rural Health

Journal articles -Request from NZNO Library

7. Balancing act
An Australian programme is tackling the problem of employees who have to juggle Occupation safety and health roles with other work
Safeguard, Issue 123, September/October 2010

8. Making safety child's play
How a group of school children helped produce an award-winning staff engagement project
Safeguard, Issue 123, September/October 2010

9. New Nurse Practitioner has a focus on the elderly in rural areas [Rachel Hale is based at Matamata Medical Centre]
Network News, Spring 2010, Vol 15 (New Zealand Rural General Practice Network]

10. Technology has an important role to play in rural health
by Dr Stuart Gowland, Mobile Surgical Project
Network News, Spring 2010, Vol 15 (New Zealand Rural General Practice Network]
The success of rural health services revolves around community access. Solving the difficulties of recruitment of health professionals for the rural sector is the biggest single barrier to achieving this success.

News - National

11. Drinking water unsafe for many kiwis
One in five New Zealanders has unsafe or unregistered drinking water, a Ministry of Health survey shows. The July 2008-June 2009 review of drinking water quality shows water supplies are deteriorating. About 849,000 people, or 20 per cent of Kiwis, were supplied with water that either failed to meet bacteriological standards or had not been classified because sources were unregistered.

12. Annual Review of Drinking-Water Quality In New Zealand 2008/9
Date of publication (online): June 2010

This report describes the microbiological and chemical quality of water in New Zealand drinking-water supplies from
July 2008 to June 2009.

The report comprises the following five sections:
- a general overview of the quality of drinking-water of all supplies within New Zealand
- a summary of the nation's drinking-water quality, with supplies separated into local authority (LA) operated supplies
- school and early childhood centre operated supplies
- a overview of drinking-water quality in each DHB area
- a summary of the quality of drinking-water in each LA area .


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