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Issue 172 - 9 March 2011

World Kidney Day

  • 10 March 2011
Staff from KHNZ and Wellington Renal Unit will be making their annual visit to Parliament where they will be offering free kidney health checks and information for Members of Parliament and their staff.

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  • 2011 Resolutions

Have you already taken any healthy resolutions for 2011? It is not too late to do so!

Check out the badges at the weblink below and chose a kidney friendly resolution for 2011! You can post it on your personal Facebook/ Twitter/My Space/ Blogger page and even email to invite friends to take this good resolution with you!

Articles - Nursing Times, 1-7 March 2011

1. 1,000 trust jobs at risk, chief executive admits
Up to 1,000 jobs could go at a health trust to meet budget savings, its chief executive has warned.

2. A patient keeps loosening her compression bandages, so her ulcers are not healing. What can I do?
Poor tolerance to compression bandaging is well documented (Van Hecke et al, 2008, Edwards, 2003).

3. Caring for older people needs specific skills and knowledge
Increasing life expectancy should be celebrated, but with it comes the challenges of the increased likelihood of multiple health conditions. 

4. Compassion and communication skills make a good nurse
We talk to the chief executive of the Florence Nightingale Foundation, Elizabeth Robb, who has been a nurse for 39 years.

5. Complex medicines management
Patients with one or more long-term conditions often take multiple prescribed medications. A joint approach to drug management improved quality and cut costs

6. CQC threatens mental health FT with enforcement action over failings
Inspectors have called for urgent improvements at Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Foundation Trust after finding it to be in breach of five essential standards.

7. Dame Christine likely to stay on until summer
Dame Christine Beasley’s term as chief nursing officer is likely to be extended until the summer, when a senior nurse will be appointed to the NHS Commissioning Board, Nursing Times has learnt.

8. Education 'reduces blood pressure
Low blood pressure is more likely to be found among people who have spent more time in education, especially women, researchers have claimed.

9. From compliance to concordance
Concordance involves a shared approach to medication

10. Half a million to have dementia by 2021
A new report has claimed that almost 600,000 people will have undiagnosed dementia a decade from now.

11. Hatching plans: the key to project management
When it comes to being a successful project manager, it all comes down to thinking ahead, says Iain Snelling

12. Hot flushes 'may reduce heart risk'
Suffering with hot flushes and night sweats at the beginning of the menopause could reduce a woman’s risk of heart attack and stroke, a US study suggests.

13. How to teach inhaler technique
When individuals are first prescribed inhaled medication it is essential to teach them about the correct use of their inhaler to ensure optimal drug delivery

14. Is splitting tablets dangerous?
This study examined the different methods of tablet-splitting to establish which one was likely to be most accurate

15. It makes me proud to showcase the work of nurses
Lynne Maher helps nurses have ideas and offers support to transform them into reality

16. Lansley supports nurses on consortia boards, but will not order it
Health secretary Andrew Lansley has said he would like to see nurses appointed to GP consortia commissioning boards, but remains opposed to making it mandatory.

17. Lansley: understaffing is not excuse for 'never events
Health secretary Andrew Lansley has issued a stark message to nurses – there is quite simply “no excuse” for the most serious failings in care.

18. Mater offers exciting careers for nurses who share its caring values
Nurses thinking of a move to Australia have the chance to work for a well-respected healthcare provider set up to offer compassionate care

19. More nurses seeking help for financial woes
Many more nurses are struggling to cope with everyday living costs, according to a charity that supports nurses in financial difficulty.

20. NMC to 'engage' nurses and midwives with new magazine
The Nursing and Midwifery Council is launching a new magazine for registrants.

21. Nurses at forefront of brain tumour treatment
More nurses will have the chance to develop specialist skills in the treatment of brain tumours with the launch of the first dedicated unit in the UK.

22. Nursing has changed but patients remain the same
Nursing has changed so much in the last few years.

23. Patients want direct response from nurses on complaints
Trusts should allow frontline nursing staff to respond directly to complaints about care, according to the founder of an unofficial website that publishes patients’ views and experiences of NHS services.

24. Plan to tackle A&E aggression with design
Can better design reduce violence in A&E settings?

25. RCN issues posts warning over hospital merger plan
The Royal College of Nursing has urged NHS managers in the North West to protect frontline jobs amid plans to merge North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust with another trust.

26. Reforms 'may not give GPs freedom
The government’s pledge to give GPs freedom over buying services for patients could be a hollow promise, according to doctors’ leaders.

27. Royal wedding pay terms to be decided locally
Pay rates for the royal wedding bank holiday will be decided locally by trusts and union representatives, following the collapse of a national solution.

28. Savings pressures mount on staff terms and conditions
A hospital trust Bedfordshire has proposed breaching the Agenda for Change pay and conditions agreement in order to save money, while others are seeking to cut fringe benefits such as compassionate leave.

29. Scottish intern scheme for newly-qualifieds seeks applicants
A paid internship programme to help 380 newly-trained Scottish nurses and midwives find work has opened for applicants this week.

30. Streptococcal fatalities 'rising
Group A Streptococcal disease (GAS) has led to an increasing number of deaths among women during pregnancy and childbirth in the UK over the last seven years, a new report shows.

31. The best stroke services are built around the individual
Cynthia Bower believes improvements made to stroke services must be made with the patient in mind

32. We must stop throwing staff into an abyss of emotional burnout
Here are words I never imagined typing but I heard an interesting comment by comedian Jim Davidson the other day.

33. What can we learn from the ombudsman?
The health service ombudsman has published a damning report on failures to care for older patients. Experts comment on how nursing should respond.

Journals - Table of Contents

34. From American Journal of Nursing, February 2011, Volume 111, Number 2
34A. Viewpoint: The Patient's Responsibility [Nurses need to reject the temptation to blame and judge]
34B. IN THE NEWS: The future of nursing - making waves; Alarming adverse events rates in Medicare beneficiaries
34C. Reducing off-campus drinking by college students
34D. Prostate cancer treatment may raise colon cancer risk
34E. Women's Health: Progress, Not Perfection [Disparities still exist, especially in disadvantaged groups]
34F. DRUGWATCH: New drug minimizes risk of blood clots in atrial fibrillation; New atypical antipsychotic approved; New warning for HIV drug Saquinavir
34G. The role of the nurse in combating human trafficking
34H. ORIGINAL RESEARCH: Local anesthesia before IV catheterization
34I.  EMERGENCY: Managing pediatric asthma exacerbations in the ED
34J. Atrial Fibrillation Ablation
34K. The last of its kind: the all-male Alexian Brothers Hospital School of Nursing


35. Health of Health Professionals Conference: Surviving and thriving in the health workforce
It will include the latest clinical research on:
- Caring for your colleagues
- Bridging the gaps between education and practice
- Developing resilience and managing conflict
- Thriving in the workplace
- Inspirational stories on flexible and productive working lives.
Date: 3-5 November 2011
Venue: Langham Hotel, Auckland
More information:

News - National

36. New guide to the changes to the Employment Relations and Holidays Acts that are coming into effect from 1 April 2011. This guide is available on the Department of Labour website.

37. Your prescription for 2011 is…
Dr Tom Smith The Guardian, Saturday 1 January 2011
Your prescription for 2011 is…… be slightly overweight, don't exercise too much and stop peeling your fruit and veg. Follow these seven simple steps to better health

38. Better than BMI? New obesity scale proposed
Sunday Star Times - 5 March 2011 

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