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Issue 188 - 6 July 2011

Celebrate Maori Language Week 4-10 July 2011 Ngā Mihi - Greetings In Māori culture greeting others is very important. It is an opportunity for people to show respect, through the language used and its accompanying actions, and the tone for the interaction is set. Whether the greeting is...

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Issue 187 - 30 June 2011

Nursing Evidence is a free online service that will help nurses to quickly find key information on the web that is needed to ensure delivery of quality, evidence based care in all healthcare settings. Articles from Brain Impairment 1. Two-Year...

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Issue 186 - 22 June 2011

Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of New Zealand’s Unique Code of Consumers’ Rights On Friday 1 July, advocates from the Nationwide Health & Disability Advocacy Service will be out on the streets and in key places around the country providing information to the public about consumer rights when...

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Issue 185 - 9 June 2011

Articles about Rare Diseases  1. Policy alternatives for treatments for rare diseases. By Panju, Abbas H. & Bell, Chaim M. CMAJ: Canadian Medical Association Journal, 11/23/2010, Vol. 182 Issue 17: pE787-E792 Abstract: The article presents a reprint of the article "Policy alternatives for...

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Issue 184 - 2 June 2011

Bowel Cancer Awareness week June 6-12, 2011 Bowel cancer is New Zealand's cancer – affecting men and women, young and old. Each year, almost 3,000 New Zealanders are newly diagnosed – making it our most common cancer affecting both men and women.

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Issue 183 - 26 May 2011

Articles on Gluten Free 1. The role of HLA-DQ8 ß57 polymorphism in the anti-gluten T-cell response in coeliac disease By Hovhannisyan, Zaruhi et al. Nature, 11/27/2008, Vol. 456 Issue 7221: p534-538 Abstract: Major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II alleles HLA-DQ8 and the mouse...

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Issue 182 - 18 May 2011

Articles from Journal of Advanced Nursing, May 2011 1. Quality of life in people with venous leg ulcers: an integrative review (pages 926–944) Journal of Advanced Nursing, Volume 67, Number 5, May 2011 Abstract: Objective.  To explore the impact of venous leg ulcers on...

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Issue 181 - 12 May 2011

  Articles about "The Common Cold" Best Health helps patients and doctors work together by providing them both with the best research evidence about the treatments for many medical conditions. Access information about the common cold at this link ...

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Issue 180 - 4 May 2011

Articles from Health Expectations, March 2010 1. Enabling consultations: the facilitative significance of relational aspects of interpersonal communication By Entwistle, Vikki A. Health Expectations, Mar 2010, Vol. 13 Issue 1: p1-3 Abstract: The author introduces articles within the issue...

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Issue 179 - 27 April 2011

NOISE AWARENESS DAY - 27 APRIL 2011 Noise Harms More Than Our Ears Experts agree that continued exposure to noise above 85 dBA, over time, will eventually harm hearing. In general, the louder the sound, the less time required before hearing will be affected. Articles - International Journal...

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