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Issue 178 - 18 April, 2011

Easter without the calories Extravagant Easter eggs, some with a calorie intake so high it would take 26 hours of jogging to burn off, have been criticised by nutritionists. Registered dietician Fiona Boyle, of Food Solutions, advises choosing quality over quantity when it comes to Easter eggs....

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Issue 177 - 13 April 2011

Articles from Nursing Ethics 1. Guest editorial By Nortvedt, Per. Nursing Ethics, 03/01/2011, Vol. 18 Issue 2: p147-148 Abstract: The author discusses the normative challenges in ethics of care, and refers to the 2010 interdisciplinary workshop on 'Ethics of care' organized by the Center for...

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Issue 176 - 5 April 2011

Articles on Palliative Care/Nurses Caring for Family Members 1. This man is dying and, as a sign of new times in palliative care, he's decided how he will go Sunday Age, The (Melbourne), 10341021, Apr 03, 2011 Abstract: Ron Lennox has terminal cancer. With wife Jo, he tells Gary Tippet how...

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Issue 175 - 30 March 2011

Articles on Employee Health and Wellness 1. Is your employees' BMI your business? By Nelson, Jacqueline. Canadian Business, 9/27/2010, Vol. 83 Issue 15: p98 Abstract: The article explores the challenges to and importance of implementing employee fitness initiatives. In China, Beijing's...

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Issue 174 - 23 March 2011

  World Tuberculosis Day - 24 March 2011   Articles from Harvard Mental Health Letter 1. Breaking free from nicotine dependence: A combination of strategies boosts the odds of success Harvard Mental Health Letter, Apr 2011, Vol. 27 Issue 10: p1-3 ...

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Issue 173 - 16 March 2011

Articles 1. Private matters By Sheehan, Patricia. Long-Term Living: For the Continuing Care Professional, Oct 2010, Vol. 59 Issue 10: p8 Abstract: An introduction to the journal is presented in which the editor discusses an article on social media and the possible consequences and ways to...

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Issue 172 - 9 March 2011

World Kidney Day 10 March 2011 Staff from KHNZ and Wellington Renal Unit will be making their annual visit to Parliament where they will be offering free kidney health checks and information for Members of...

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Issue 171 - 2 March 2011

Our sympathy and support go out to the people of Canterbury after the devastating earthquake and ongoing aftershocks. If you have accommodation you can offer, or you are looking for help with accommodation: 0800 HELP 00 (0800435700), Healthline: 0800 611116. Business-owners' helpline: 0800...

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Issue 170 - 23 Feb 2011

Our sympathy and support go out to the people of Canterbury after the devastating earthquake and ongoing aftershocks For further information and assistance Government Helpline 0800 779 997 Red Cross Person Enquiry Line 0800 733 276 or 0800 RED CROSS ...

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Issue 169 - 17 Feb 2011

Are you involved in Nursing Research? Submit your research findings for consideration to Kai Tiaki Nursing Research, an internationally double blinded peer reviewed research journal. It publishes original, full length research manuscripts from New Zealand based nurse researchers (or other...

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