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Issue 3 - Library e-newsletter: 3 Feb 2017

Books added to the NZNO Library: June 2016-December 2016 NZNO members can borrow these books for 4 weeks. Please provide a street address when requesting items, as they will be couriered out to you. 1/ Body economic:  why austerity kills Recessions, budget battles, and the politics of life...

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Issue 2 - Library e-newsletter: 26 January 2017

Articles – Nursing Standard (RCN) 1. Pressure rises in care home sector Nursing Standard, 18 January 2017. 31, 21: 18-21. Abstract: Nursing homes can offer rewarding career roles and create innovative partnerships with NHS teams. But poor funding, staff shortages and negative inspections...

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Issue 1 - 19 January 2017

Awapuni Medical Corps Memorial, Palmerston North Heritage New Zealand is currently seeking submissions on the Proposal report for this Historic Place. Submissions close at 4pm on Thursday 16 February 2017. For further information, please contact: Claire Craig General Manager Central Region...

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Issue 41 - 13 Dec 2016

The NZNO Library has re-opened for 2017 Hope you had an enjoyable Christmas/New Year Articles – Unnecessary testing/procedures 1. The twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism in clinical practice Mamede, Sílvia; Schmidt, Henk G Medical Education, Jan 2014;...

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Issue 40 - 5 Dec 2016

Leading in Disaster Recovery: A Companion Through the Chaos A pocket book of wisdom from over 100 recovery leaders who share the messages they wish they’d had. Articles – Care during the holiday season 1. Health and...

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Issue 39 - 28 Nov 2016

Leading in Disaster Recovery: A Companion Through the Chaos A pocket book of wisdom from over 100 recovery leaders who share the messages they wish they’d had. Articles – Journal of Infection Prevention, September 2016 1....

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Issue 38 - 21 Nov 2016

Articles – Disaster Preparedness 1. Influences of preparedness knowledge and beliefs on household disaster preparedness By Thomas, Tracy N.; Leander-Griffith, Michelle; Harp, Victoria; Cioffi, Joan P. MMWR: Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report. 9/11/2015, Vol. 64 Issue 35, p965-971. ...

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Issue 37 - 11 Nov 2016

16/11/2016 Crowe Horwath House has been checked by engineers following the earthquake and the NZNO library has now re-opened. Articles – Concussion 1. The truth about women and concussions. Levine, Hallie. Health, Nov 2016; 30(9): 132-137. 6p Abstract: When you think of women and...

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Issue 36 - 4 Nov 2016

Inform your practice Subscribe to Kai Tiaki Nursing Research Latest issue - September 2016 Articles – Parkinsons 1. Balance and gait represent independent domains of mobility in Parkinson disease Horak, Fay B.; Mancini,...

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Issue 35 - 28 October 2016

Articles – Nursing Ethics [Journal], June 2016 1. Robots in elder care Gallagher, Ann; Nåden, Dagfinn; Karterud, Dag Nursing Ethics, Jun 2016; 23(4): 369-371. 3p Abstract: It is predicted that by 2050 there will be 1.5 billion people in the world over the age of 65 years. In countries such...

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