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Issue 154 - 1 Oct 2010

Articles 1. Education and Professional development By Cook, Mike. Journal of Nursing Management, Jul 2009, Vol. 17 Issue 5: p519-522 Abstract: An introduction to the journal is presented, the focus of which is education and professional development for nurses. 2. The times they are a...

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Issue 153 - 23 Sept 2010

Articles 1. Editorial: Nurses and publications – the impact of the impact factor. By Jackson, Debra et al. Journal of Clinical Nursing, Sep 2009, Vol. 18 Issue 18: p2537-2538 Abstract: The author discusses the growth in the amount of written work on nursing written by nurses. She...

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Issue 152 - 14 Sept 2010

Library Stand - NZNO AGM and Conference Duxton Hotel in Wellington Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th September 2010 Come and check us out Articles 1. Use of chronic disease management plans in rural practice Australian Journal of Rural Health, Aug 2009, Vol. 17 Issue 4: p173 Abstract:...

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Issue 151 - 8 September 2010

AFTER THE EARTHQUAKE  DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR ADVICE TO EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEES As the clean up continues and more businesses look to return to operation following Saturday’s earthquake in Canterbury, there is a range of health and safety and employment relations issues that employers and...

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Issue 150 - 3 September 2010

Newly released NZNO report Clarifying Nursing Education Funding Issues, August 2010 NZNO put forward an abridged version of this document earlier this year so that nurses, and others, could gain insight into the nursing education funding over the past two decades. This more detailed edition...

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Issue 149 - 24 August 2010

 Articles JOURNAL: Journal of Community Health Nursing 1. Factors associated with benzodiazepine dependence among community-dwelling seniors By Voyer,P et al. Journal of Community Health Nursing, 2009 Jul-Sep; 26 (3): p101-13 Background: Benzodiazepine (BZD) dependence among seniors is an...

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Issue 147 - 11 August 2010

Share your nursing research Email your work for consideration to: Search the Nursing Research Database: Background The forward thinking nursing leaders of the Nursing Research Section of NZNO had a vision that a central...

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Issue 146 - 4 August 2010

Articles 1. Sharing and presenting international nursing history research By Boschma, Geertje. Nursing Inquiry, Jun 2009, Vol. 16 Issue 2: p93 Abstract: The article discusses the International Nursing History Conference held in Toronto, Canada. National and international scholars in nursing...

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Issue 145 - 28 July 2010

Articles   JOURNAL: NURSING MANAGEMENT (HARROW) 1. Nurses' roles in NHS reform.(National Health Service) By Donna Kinnair. Nursing Management (Harrow). Vol 17(3) June 2010: p3 Abstract: The general election last month was arguably the most important in a generation, and the...

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