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Issue 125 - 26 Feb 2010

Articles 1. Editorial: It Is Goodbye From Me by Whitley, Georgia Griffith. International Journal of Nursing Terminologies & Classifications, Jan-Mar2010, Vol 21 Issue 1: p1 2. Editorial: Hello From Me by Flanagan, Jane. International Journal of Nursing Terminologies & Classifications,...

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Issue 124 - 18 Feb 2010

World Day of Social Justice 20 February 2010   Articles JOURNAL OF INFECTION PREVENTION 1. EDITORIAL Patient Safety First: supporting improvements in infection prevention. Journal of Infection Prevention 2010, 11: p2-5    2....

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Issue 123 - 2 Feb 2010

Articles 1. Editorial. Australian Nursing Journal, Dec 2009 - Jan 2010. 17(6): p1 Abstract: The ANF will continue to call on you for support in our "Because We Care Campaign" next year. In the early part of 2010 our campaign efforts will be directed at making sure the federal government...

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Issue 122 - 15 Jan 2010

  Articles 1. Editor-in-Chief's Introduction by Alison J. Tierney. Journal of Advanced Nursing, January 2010, Volume 66 Issue 1  Discusses the revised guidelines for JAN authors. REVIEW PAPER 2. Simulation-based learning in nurse education: systematic review. Journal of Advanced...

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Issue 121 - 8 Dec 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the NZNO Library Team Articles 1. Balancing Innovation, Access, and Profits — Market Exclusivity for Biologics New England Journal of Medicine, Volume 361 — November 12, 2009   Abstract: Twenty-five years ago, Congress...

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Issue 120 - 3 Dec 2009

Check out the full range of quizzes for nurses at Earn free continuing professional development hours which meet Nursing Council requirements. A certificate is awarded on completion of each quiz. The NZ College of Practice Nurses NZNO has just developed a Tool Kit to...

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Issue 119 - 23 Nov 2009

Articles JOURNAL:  Journal of Advanced Nursing, Volume 65 Issue 11, November 2009 EDITOR'S CHOICE 1. Past research evidence has not been heeded In this issue of JAN we publish a paper by Pickles et al. (2009, pp. 2262-2273) reporting their thematic review of studies published over the past...

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Issue 118 - 16 Nov 2009

Articles JOURNAL OF HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT 1. EDITORIAL by Grazier, Kyle L. Journal of Healthcare Management, Sep/Oct2008, Vol 53 Issue 5: p281 Abstract: The article discusses various articles published within the issue, including one by Paula Lantz on gender equity in healthcare leadership,...

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Issue 117 - 10 Nov 2009

Articles JOURNAL - CRITICAL CARE NURSE NEWS &RESOURCES 1. Anesthesia Group Launches Patient Resource Web Site. Critical Care Nurse, Oct 2009, Vol 29 Issue 5: p10 Abstract: The American Society of Anesthesiologists has launched Lifeline to Modern Medicine (lifelinetomodernmedicine .com), a...

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Issue 116 - 3 Nov 2009

Articles JOURNAL: Nursing Inquiry 1. Exploring mental health issues by Buus, Niels. Nursing Inquiry, Sep 2008, Vol 15 Issue 3: p177 Abstract: The author reflects on the humanistic studies of mental health issues that tend to criticize the existing mental health systems. He states that...

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