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Submissions made by NZNO

In accordance with its Strategic Plan, the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) actively works towards improved health outcomes for all peoples of Aotearoa New Zealand. One of the ways we do this is by making submissions on health- and social policy-related issues.

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PHARMAC Review of Decision Criteria

The New Zealand Nurses Organisation made a submission to PHARMAC on the Review of Decision Criteria.

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CDA template for Medications and Adverse Reactions Standard

The New Zealand Nurses Organisation made a submission to the Health Information Standards Organisation on the Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) Templates for Medications and Adverse Reactions Standard.

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Health Benefits Limited: Indicative Case for Change: Food, and Linen and Laundry Services

The New Zealand Nurses Organisation made a submission to Health Benefits Limited (HBL) on the confidential Indicative Cases For Change for District Health Boards management of Food Services and Linen and Laundry Services in May 2013. HBL has now issued a response to invited feedback and our submission can be made public. The preferred options proposed the centralisation of services, with one source of supply in each of the North and South Islands and a lengthy contract of 15 years. NZNO emphatically rejects both options, noting that neither case has been made for the national privatisation of these essential services as they are based on provisional incomplete and inadequate data. The social and economic costs - the clear risks of reduced patient safety and significant regional and employment disruption - are more than likely to outweigh likely the uncertain and low projected savings.

HBL's intention is now in "developing these ideas is to build a Business Case to provide detailed analysis of the quality, standards, costs, benefits and risks of the options listed in the Indicative Case for Change. This is expected to take several months and will involve HBL and potential service providers having further discussions with DHBs."

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