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Indigenous Nurse Special Interest Group

At the September 2016 NZNO Conference, several Diabetes Nurses including: Lisa Smith, Coral Skipper, Mele Kaufusi, Ashley Gage, Nana Tweneboah-Mensah, Cynthia Libiab, Faieza Ali Khan and Gina Berghan met to discuss the possibility of starting an ‘Indigenous Diabetes Nurse Special Interest Group’.

The aim of this group, which would fall under the umbrella of the Aotearoa College of Diabetes Nurses (ACDN), is to offer indigenous nurses the opportunity to meet, share information and discuss cultural activities that may assist with improving engagement, delivery and management for people living with diabetes.

ACDN is very excited to support this initiative and encourages its members to get involved and inform other indigenous nurses working in diabetes to consider how they might be able to link into this SIG. To learn more about this special interest group or to get involved please contact:

Gina Berghan (MN,DNS)
Nurse Specialist-Diabetes
T: 09-3074949 x26284

E: gina@adhb.govt.nz

Report from the Aotearoa College of Diabetes Nurses Indigenous Special Interest Group (ISIG), (PDF, 246KB)

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Insulin Pump/Continuous Glucose Monitoring Special Interest Group

  • Chair: Sarah Price - Clinical Nurse Specialist Diabetes
  • Secretary: Mark Leydon - Specialist Diabetes Dietitian
  • Events/Programme co-ordinator: Cherry De Ramas - Registered Nurse Diabetes
  • Supporting committee members:
    • Justina Wu - Clinical Director for the Waikato Regional Diabetes Service
    • Vikki Lowe-Reid - Clinical Nurse Manager, Clinical Nurse Specialist Diabetes
    • Rachael Sampson - Clinical Nurse Specialist Diabetes- community focus
    • Gurvinder Kaur - Registered Nurse Intern Diabetes

NOTE: Mark Leydon and Sarah Price are co-conveners of this group and the Waikato SIG committee will be the initial steering group.

Purpose: To improve health outcomes for people with Type 1 diabetes who are currently using or will be using insulin pump therapy in New Zealand. 


  1. To develop best practice pump guidelines in New Zealand. These will include: pre-pump selection/guidelines, pump course curriculum and post course follow-up.
  2. Provide a forum to support continued education and upskilling of Health Professionals on the benefits of pump therapy and develop educational resources to improve clinical outcomes with those on insulin pumps.
  3. To explore the role that CGM can play in enhancing insulin pump therapy.
  4. Encourage networking, innovation and ease of communication for all health professionals working with people using insulin pumps.
  5. Discuss cases, share successes and keep up-to-date on new technology. 

Expressions of interest to join this group are open for all registered health care professionals working in the field of diabetes. Please contact Sarah Price via email to join: Sarah.Price@waikatodhb.health.nz 

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Paediatric Society of New Zealand

PSNZ is a multidisciplinary professional organisation with a membership of over 500. PSNZ believes all children and youth should by right attain optimal physical mental and social health and wellbeing. By working as a coordinated national network of health professionals the Society dedicates its efforts and resources to this end.

In July 2016 the Starship Diabetes Nurse Specialist team was delighted to announce the release of a complete online education programme designed to cover all essential aspects of paediatric diabetes care via the Starship website.

  • https://www.starship.org.nz/patients-parents-and-visitors/health-information-resources/
  • Online modules developed in close consultation with families and children living with diabetes provide comprehensive management advice and associated visual aids (videos and fact sheets) to promote consistency of care within Paediatric and Adolescent diabetes.
  • Advanced modules will be loaded cumulatively as they are developed.
  • Please feel free to share this information as needed.

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NZ National Clinical Network for Child and Youth Diabetes

The National Clinical Network, Children and Young People's Diabetes Services provides clinical leadership and oversight to ensure there is a planned and consistent approach to the provision of diabetes services for children and young people across New Zealand. The aim of the network is to improve the care of children and young people with diabetes and their families through clinical networking, audit and research.

Kidshealth website

View general consumer-based information on Paediatric diabetes based on current evidence and clinical consensus on the Kidshealth website. This website is a joint initiative of the Starship Foundation and Paediatric Society of New Zealand.

National Transition Consensus Statement

In 2017 the New Zealand National Clinical Network for Child and Youth Diabetes was pleased to release the National Transition Consensus Statement.

The Network consulted widely in developing this document which is supported by a collection of resources to assist clinicians managing young people with diabetes in transition from Paediatric/adolescent services to young adult/adult based services.

Expressions of interest sought

The New Zealand National Clinical Network for Child and Youth Diabetes is seeking expressions of interest from multidisciplinary professionals who work clinically within the area of Paediatric Diabetes and have an interest in leading and supporting National Network project work.

Currently there are four (4) vacancies on this group and the Network invites Expressions of Interest (EOI) from interested clinicians to join this team. Network work-streams include:

  • Annual updates on the register of children and young people with diabetes in conjunction with the Ministry of Health.
  • The development of clinical protocols
  • Provision of updated consumer patient resources
  • Workforce capacity and workforce development programmes
  • Development of models to support improved communication and collaboration to an extended Network community or professionals and consumers
  • Leadership of the Paediatric nursing work-stream inclusive of liaison link with Aotearoa College of Diabetes Nurses (ACDN) Executive

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NZ Society for the Study of Diabetes

NZSSD is an incorporated society that is open to those involved in the care of people with diabetes. It has over 400 members including diabetes specialist physicians, diabetes specialist nurses, podiatrists, dietitians, ophthalmologists, general physicians, family doctors, community health workers and allied industries.

NZSSD is the national advisory body on scientific and clinical diabetes care and standards. NZSSD's objectives are to promote the study of diabetes and the best standards of care of diabetes in New Zealand. It also provides the national reference source in the subject.

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Special Interest Group for Young People with Diabetes Aged 15-24 Years

The objectives of the group are:

  1. Create a communication network of health professionals who work with youth with diabetes aged 15- 24 years.
  2. Work with the Network on specific strategies/projects suitable for young people with diabetes with the overall goal to enhance diabetes care and the young person’s diabetes experience.

The purpose of the group is to:

  • Encourage networking, innovation and ease of communication for health professionals working with similar populations.
  • Identify resourcing issues for health professionals from around New Zealand as these will impact on how each region works with their youth.
  • Reduce barriers of communication for health professionals who may work in a limited resource area. • Develop projects that are aligned with national and international recommendations.
  • Create links with other organisations who work with similar age groups but not specific to diabetes If you are interested in this exiting initiative please send your name and email contact to Vickie Corbett vickie.corbett@waikatodhb.health.nz to register your interest.

Members of the Special Interest Group (Diabetes Young People),are invited to the first official meeting at the NZSSD Conference, on 2 May 2018 from 7 to 8am, at the Distinction Hotel.

Please email Vickie Corbett if you would like to attend this breakfast meeting, in order to assist with catering.

An agenda will be sent out in April 2018 through the GoogleGroup email tree.

This meeting provides an opportunity to discuss future directions and to have a presence within NZSSD, alongside other SIGs.

If you work with young people aged 15-25 years with diabetes and you would like to join the Diabetes Young People SIG, please email Vickie Corbett, Nurse Practitioner, Waikato Regional Diabetes Service on vickie.corbett@waikatodhb.health.nz

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