Te Poari o Te Rūnanga o Aotearoa, NZNO

Te Poari membership includes the Kaiwhakahaere, Tumu Whakarae and regional representatives. Te Poari regional representation is on a regional basis. Representatives are elected into position by the regional Te Rūnanga membership.


Te Poari o Te Rūnanga o Aotearoa "Ko Tāku Manawa Ko Tāu Manawa"

Te Poari o Te Rūnanga o Aotearoa

Back Row: Sarah Hughes, Tina Konia, Hinemotu Douglas, Rebekah Horn, Sorrel Kemp, Helen Garriock, Katie Le Lievre, Margaret Hand
Middle Row: Tracy Haddon, Tracey Morgan, Tiara Williams, Maria Briggs, Ruth Te Rangi, Tiffany Soloia, Anamaria Watene, Shannon Lake, Lizzy Kepa-Henry, Kelly MCDonald-Beckett
Front Row: Titihuia Pakeho, Kerri Nuku, Keelan Ransfield


Te Poari, the Committee of Te Rūnanga, shall support the Board by working in partnership to achieve NZNO strategic aims in giving effect to te Tiriti o Waitangi and by working with the Board to give full recognition to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of July 2000 between Te Rūnanga and the NZNO.

Te Poari shall:

  • assist NZNO to ensure its processes reflect Tikanga Māori;
  • assist NZNO to uphold Tikanga Māori within NZNO;
  • undertake the election process for Kaiwhakahaere, and Tumu whakarae in accordance to Tikanga process, and other Te Rūnanga representative appointments as appropriate;
  • articulate Te Rūnanga  regional issues to the Board;
  • assist NZNO where appropriate to ensure it is responsive to the needs of Te Rūnanga and member issues;
  • support the education and professional development in Tikanga Māori practice within the organisation; and
  • use its best endeavors to ensure the relationship between the NZNO and Te Rūnanga is founded on and is carried on in accordance with Kawa.

Membership: Te Poari o Te Rūnanga o Aotearoa membership shall be appointed at the Rūnanga Hui a Tau and shall consist of up to 17 regional representatives, and the Kaiwhakahaere and Tumu whakarae and Kaumātua.  

The quorum for meetings shall be six, one of whom shall be the Kaiwhakahaere or in his/her absence, the Tumu whakarae.

The Board shall establish a Te Poari Charter detailing Te Poari’s objectives, responsibilities, and operations.



Kerri Nuku

Kerri Nuku

Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngai Tai

Kerri represents NZNO at regional, national levels and at international forums such as the International Council of Nurses (ICN), the South Pacific Nurses Forum (SPNF) and at the Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses and Midwives (CATSINaM).  Kerri was a member of the Ministry of Health delegation at the World Health Assembly in Geneva.

Kerri is a member of Smokefree Nurses Aotearoa and was proud to host on behalf of Te Rūnanga NZNO with the Tobacco Control Nurses a luncheon at ICN congress in Melbourne to lobby for Smokefree changes for nurses. Kerri is a member of the Hawkes Bay District Health Board Māori Relationship Board and Komiti member of Maungaharuru Tangitū Trust.

Kerri continues her professional development in Human Rights advocacy, governance, health management, and nursing leadership in the community.

Tumu Whakarae

Titihuia Pakeho

Titihuia Pakeho

Ngai Te Rangi

Ko Titihuia tētahi o ngā neehi i roto i te whare kaupapa o te hohipera o Tauranga Moana. Ko te whare kaupapa te whare Māori noa iho i Aotearoa. Tekau mā ono ngā neehi Māori hoki, e mahi ana i roto i te whare kaupapa o te hohipera o Tauranga. Tokorima ngā tamariki o Titihuia. Tokoono ōna mokopuna.

Te Tai Tokerau Representative

Margaret Hand

Margaret Hand

Nō Kaihū, nō Tākiwira. I whai rēhita ahau i taku Tohu Paetahi mō te Tāpuhi i te 1989, ā i whiwhi ahau i taku Tohu Paerua i te 2013. Kei te mahi ahau i Te Hau Āwhiowhio o Ōtangarei Hauora i roto i te Whāngarei. Ko tōku moemoea, kia whai oranga tōku whānau, ōku hapū, ōku iwi hoki. Ko Margaret Hand ahau.

Margaret Hand works in Whāngarei primary health care in Ōtangarei. She is from Kaihū, Dargaville. Margaret trained at North Tech in 1989. She completed her Masters of Nursing in 2013. Margaret’s goals are to learn Te Reo Māori, continue work alongside our people, support achievement in Māori nursing, health policies that improve Māori health outcomes.

E iti noa ana, nā te aroha.

Though my present be small, my love goes with it

Tāmaki Makaurau - Greater Auckland Representative

Shannon Lake

Shannon Lake

Ko Maungapohatu te maunga

Ko Mataatua te waka

Ko Tataahoata te marae

Ko Waikaremoana te moana

Ko Tūhoe te iwi

Nō Ruatāhuna me Ruatoki ahau.

Shannon Marie Lake RN BHSc (Nurs) PGCert (ADv. Nurs). Shannon is currently employed as a registered nurse in plastics surgery and reconstruction at Counties Manukau District Health Board, Auckland. She has successfully completed her post graduate certificate in advanced nursing and is about to commence her diploma in specialised surgical nursing.

Shannon’s passion is supporting Māori Tauira (nursing students,) across Aotearoa in their studies to becoming successful Māori registered nurses. She is the current regional Te Rūnanga representative for Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland) NZNO, and also the vice chair for Auckland.

Midlands Representative

Tracey Morgan

Tracey Morgan

Ko Maungatauri tōku maunga

Ko Pokaiwhenua tōku awa

Ko Mangakaretu tōku marae

Ko Ngā hau e maha tōku whare tupuna

Ko Raukawa tōku iwi

Ko Tainui tōku waka

No Putaruru ahau, engari e noho ana ki Ahuriri inaianei

He piko he taniwha, he piko he taniwha, he piko he taniwha, taniwha-rau.

Tracey is married with four children and currently works for Raukawa Charitable Trust. Tracey started her career as a Kaiawhina for Plunket for eight and a half years, offering support and education to mother and pēpi and whānau before completing her Bachelor of Nursing training.

Tracey has a range of skills in Tamariki Ora, Cervical Screening, Smoking Cessation, CVD Risks, Sexual Health, School Based, Immunisation, and B4School Checks and she has continued her post-graduate study with a Certificate in Primary Health specialising in Tamariki Ora.

Tracey enjoys the autonomy of being an independent practitioner, and a voice for Māori Health.

Tracey believes Te Rūnanga has been a way forward to help her grow personally and professionally. Her future plans are to be a Nurse Practitioner in Tamariki Ora.

Bay of Plenty/Tairāwhiti Representative

Anamaria Watene

Anamaria Watene

Ko Kopukairua toku Maunga

Ko Waitao toku Awa

Ka rere e ia ki toku Tahuna o nga Papaka o Rangataua

Ko toku Moana ko Te Awanui

Puta noa ki toku maunga matua ko Mauao

Ko Ngaiterangi toku Iwi

Ko Nga Potiki toku Hapu

Ko Tahuwhakatiki toku Marae

Ko Mataauta te Waka

Ko Anamaria Watene toku ingoa

Kei Tauranga Moana e noho ana

Ko taku mahi ko te Pou Tapuhi I roto I te Whare Kaupapa kei te Hauora a Toi i Tauranga Moana.

No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Hawkes Bay/Te Matau a Māui Representative

Tina Konia

Tina Konia

Ko Haokitaha tōku maunga

Ko Maringi-a-wai tōku awa

Ko Kourakino tōku whare

Ko Te Papakainga tōku marae

Ko Ngati Koura tōku hapû

Ko Ngai Tuhoe tōku iwi

Ko Te Ngahuru tōku rangatira

Ko Mataatua tōku waka

Ko Tina Konia tāku ingoa.

I have worked at Hawkes Bay DHB for 7 years, first completing the BN at Eastern Institute of Technology.

  • 2012 I was a NetP recipient A1 Renal and Respiratory HBDHB. 
  • 2014 I became a NZNO workplace delegate and completed Postgrad Cert.
  • 2015 - 2016 I was CLN for Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) HBDHB & EIT
  • 2016 - to date, I now work in HBDHB emergency department which I am a NZNO workplace delegate.

Central Representative

Kelly Beckett

Kelly Beckett

Ko Tararua rātou Ko Tararua, Ko Tutumapou, Ko Tapuwae-o-Uenuku ōku maunga

Ko Ohau rātou Ko Manawatu, Ko Te Hoiere Ko Wairau ōku awa

Ko Tainui rāua ko Kurahaupo ōku waka

Ko Ngāti Tukorehe rātou ko Raukawa, Ko Ngāti Kuia, Ngāti Rangitane ki Wairau ōku iwi

Ko Te Mateawa, Ko Ngāti Takihiku, Ko Ngai Tutepourangi, Ko Ngāti Te Huataki ōku hapū

Ko Tukorehe rātou, Ko Kereru, Ko Te Hora ōku marae

Ko Wairau tōku pa

Ko Tureiti Wehipeihana tōku koroua

Ko Ngati Kuia Macdonal

Greater Wellington Representative

Lizzy Kepa-Henry

Lizzy Kepa-Henry

Te Arawa, Ngāti Awa, Tūwharetoa, Tūhoe

Lizzy completed her NET- P (New Entrant to Practice) in Ward 5 North - Oncology, Haematology & Stem Transplant. Lizzy is currently employed with Regional Public Health, Hutt Valley DHB as a Public Health Nurse. She provides on-the-spot interventions to clients of the Ministry of Social Development Work and Income’s third biggest Community Link Centre (Porirua). Lizzy is also employed with Capital & Coast DHB’s Nursing Bureau, thus maintaining her clinical bedside skill. Shealso works for Health Care NZ Duty Calls Nursing Bureau, where she fulfils her nursing passion in palliation and oncology nursing.

Lizzy is passionate about the collaboration of services that navigate a way forward to improve Māori health outcomes. An example of this is when Lizzy was a community representative on the Māori Partnership Board. She played an active governance role with each DHB, formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding between 2008-2013. Lizzy believes the relationship helped reduce health inequalities and improved the health outcomes of Māori people within the Wairarapa and the Hutt Valley region. As the Greater Wellington representative, Lizzy believes all Māori Health Workforce development outcomes need to be guided, challenged, supported and well represented at local, regional, national and international levels.

Top of the South Representative

Maria Briggs (nee Wallace)

Maria Briggs (nee Wallace)

Ngᾱi Tahu, Ngᾱti Whᾱtua

Ko Aoraki rᾱua ko Tokatoka ōku  Maunga

Ko Waitaki rᾱua ko Kaihu ōku Awa

Ko Takitimu rᾱua ko Ngᾱtokimatawhaorua ōku Waka

Ko Ngᾱi Tahu rᾱua ko Ngᾱti Whᾱtua ōku Iwi

Ko Maria Briggs tōku ingoa

Ko Gavin tōku hoa Rangatira

Ko Samuel raua ko James ōku Tama

He Kaimahi Tapuhi ᾱhau ki te Hōhipera ō Whakatū,

Ki te Tau Ihu ō te Waka a Mᾱui

Maria is currently employed as a New graduate Registered Nurse working in a surgical ward in Nelson Hospital (Nelson Marlborough District Health Board).  She is an active NZNO member at Top of the South Regional Council and also previously a Te Rūnanga Tauira representative on the NZNO National Student Unit.

Maria’s passion is advocating for better outcomes for all inpatients.  She hopes to make a difference by utilizing her tikanga and Te Reo skills within the hospital environment.  Maria continues to mentor the Tauira where she studied (Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology).  She attends the Bachelor of Nursing Kawa Whakaruruhau hui and advocates the importance of Mᾱori Nursing Students feeling well supported within the learning environment. 

Maria looks forward to what the future holds within her new career pathway.  “He kᾱkano ᾱhau, I ruia mai i Rᾱngitea”.

I look forward to supporting our 80 Mᾱori members across Te Tau Ihu and working on nga kaupapa o Te Poari, nō reira, Tēnᾱ Koutou Katoa.

Te Tai o Poutini Representative



Canterbury Representative

Ruth Te Rangi

Ruth Te Rangi

Ngāti Apa, Ngā Rauru

Ruth currently works as an aged care caregiver for the Golden Health group and continues to work casually with the RNA Nursing.

Ruth represents NZNO on the Council of Trade Unions (CTU) Womens Council and she is Te Poari representative on the CTU Te Rūnanga o Ngā Kaimahi Māori. Ruth’s passion is kapa haka, learning waiata, haka, and mōteatea, and her mokopuna.

Southern Representative

Matewai Ririnui

Matewai Ririnui

Tuhoe moumou kai Tuhoe moumou ki te tangata Tuhoe moumou ki te po

Tihei Mauriora

Ko Mataatua te Waka

Ko Paikoa te Awa

Ko Taiarahia te Maunga

Ko Ngati-Tawhaki te Hapu

Ko Ngahina te Marae

Ko te uri o Tuhoe

A te whanau Hiki

No Ruatoki matou

Ko Hurae Ririnui taku hoa rangatira

No te pito o te ao aka Te Teko ia

Ko Xavier raua ko Journey me Hurae oku pepe

Ko Matewai Ririnui toku ingoa

Te Rūnanga Tauira Chair

Katie Le Lievre

Katie Le Lievre

Ko Mātaatua tōku waka

Ko Kōpu kairoa tōku maunga

Ko Waitao tōku awa

Ko Ngai Te Rangi me Ngāti Pukenga ōku iwi

Ko Ngā Pōtiki tōku hapū

Ko Le Lievre/Kiwi Rameka ōku whānau

Ko Katie ahau

Katie is in her second year nursing at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and is the current AUT Te Rūnanga Tauira representative.

Reflecting on what made Katie decide to study nursing, it was asking herself, he aha te mea nui ki au? What is the most important thing to me? The answer always ended with ‘he tangata, he tangata, he tangata. The people, the people, the people’. A months holiday in Australia, turned into three years travelling before returning home to light the ahi kā, home fires, and begin her studies. Katie has previouysly studied Te Reo Māori me ōna tikanga at Te Wānanga o Taikura and at Green Bay High School.

One of the benefits of my travels was the opportunity to experience other cultures. I came to fully appreciate the richness and depth that we have within our own culture, and as Māori, how we nurture and sustain this is vital. I am very proud to be a part of New Zealand Nurses Organisation, as a Te Rūnanga Tauira representative, which promotes partnership, protection and participation between Māori and all cultures within Aotearoa.

I am humbled, and honoured, to be nominated as the Chair of Te Rūnanga Tauira. If elected as chair, I will do my utmost to represent and champion the interests of ngā nēhi tauira, and give voice to their concerns. I’m passionate about supporting Māori nurses of the future, and ultimately improving the health outcomes of our people.

Te Rūnanga Tauira Vice Chair

Rebekah Horn

Rebekah Horn

Ko Takitimu tōku waka

Ko Ngāti Kahungunu ki Wairarapa tōku iwi

Ko Tumapuhia a Rangi tōku hapū

Ko Te Maipi tōku maunga

Ko Motuwairaka tōku awa

Ko Nukutaotaoroa a Hau tōku one

Ko Motuwairaka tōku marae

Ko Tumapuhia tōku tangata

Ko Rebekah Horn tōku ingoa

Rebekah is in her second year of nursing at Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) and is the Te Rūnanga Tauira representative at SIT.

Rebekah has recently returned to New Zealand after working in a hospital in Brisbane. She rally wants to understand the healthcare system in Aotearoa and ways in which we can improve indigenous health disparities.

Rebekah great ambition is to work within indigenous communities both here and overseas.

Rebekah feels extremely honoured to be nominated for the Te Rūnanga Tauira vice chair role. If elected, Rebekah will stand alongside her chairperson and work collaboratively to maintain the strong bicultural relationship established by previous Te Rūnanga Tauira leadership. Rebekah is committed to being an advocate and a voice for Māori tauira on the National Student Unit (NSU) to ensure that the bicultural ties remain steadfast in all our work.

If elected as the vice chairperson I will endeavour to gain the best results for Māori tauira and to ensure your voice is heard on NSU.

Ngā mihi nui

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